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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Saturday's session

We had the house to ourselves on Saturday. Some friends were due to arrive at around 7 to drop off their car and then go with us to a party. They  were to stay the night at our place and then go home on New Years Day.  

Back to Saturday afternoon. My wife went off to town to buy some things for the house and for herself. I was left catching up on the ironing and floor cleaning and sorting out all the detritus of a Christmas week. At around 4pm I received a call from my wife telling she would be home in 30 minutes and that I should prepare things. She wanted her bath run and me ready, with 3 toys of my own choice. I put the phone down with a rush of blood to my head and that sinking feeling in my stomach, both of which are the usual reactions when I have just been told I am to be spanked.

 I love the excitement of the anticipated pain (and pleasure).

By the time she arrived back at the house I was standing in the corner, in my pants and T shirt and hands on my head. Her bath was drawn with her bath salts and the bathroom was warm and candlelit.

The large holey paddle, a cane and a strap were on all the bed and the room was nicely lit with the curtains drawn. I was left waiting a further ten minutes or so, whilst my wife busied herself downstairs and then I heard the creak of her footsteps on the stairs.

There was an intense silence as I felt her presence behind me. Slowly she ran her hands over my bottom and around to the front and then back to my bottom again. I was wriggling with the stimulation and I pushed my bottom out to meet her hands.

“So shall we make you wait or get on with it?” 

Teasingly she put her fingers into the waistband of my pants and started to pull them down. I didn’t dare say anything.

“You’ve been such a good bad boy this week that I think we’ll just start now, shall we?”

She pulled at my ear and turned me round.

“Get over the bench and pull your pants down.”

I doubt if there is a more electric phrase in a spanko’s vocabulary.

Just as I had dropped my pants and was about to get over the end of bed blanket box she gave another instruction.

“No wait. That’s too comfortable for you. Bend over and touch your toes instead.”

My touching toes days are behind me, but I got my hands down as low as I could. Then with no warning the paddle thwacked my bottom and the spanking had begun. Thirty strokes later I had lost my balance a few times but managed to remain in position so there were no extras. I had fully entered sub space and when the cane came next it was quite pleasurable to begin with, landing on  my well reddened bottom. I had put out the thin whippy cane which my wife finds difficult to control, but I like to look at the weals it leaves once my punishment is over.  

When she was satisfied with her work I was ordered over the bench to receive the strap. This is the instrument which I like the best. I ground my hips into the padded top and pushed my bottom up high. Carefully, with a long pause between the slaps, she gave me the 30 strokes. Each time the strap lands my wife drew it flat across my cheek in slow motion and I was in an ecstasy of submission. I was groaning with pleasure by 25 and the end of the strapping came all too quickly.

As I tidied up the bedroom and toys she went off for a long bath and to get ready for our friends arrival. I admired my well marked cheeks in the mirror in the guest room and then went downstairs to finish the preparations for drinks and nibbles.

Although I hadn’t expected it to be, the dinner and dance that night was actually good fun. We all got a quite tipsy and my wife  was in the mood for sex when we finally tumbled into bed. After some foreplay however, she said that she had off the boil so we both just went to sleep. As I drifted off I recalled the events of the afternoon with some pleasure, allowing my imagination to picture the scene of my wife standing over me whipping me hard.

It is now late afternoon on New Years Day. My wife has gone for an afternoon nap and our friends have gone for a walk. Since tomorrow is also a holiday in the UK, we have asked them to stay an extra night.

It would be nice to have some afternoon delight right now, but I don't think I should disturb my wife.


  1. Brilliant account of the events of Saturday.

    It is really great the way your wife builds up your anticipation by calling in advance.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope that you and your wife enjoy your long weekend with your friends.


  2. I'm so happy for you, Michael! It sounds like you had a very lovely afternoon yesterday.


    P.S. As for the afternoon delight, there's always room for jello, lol!

  3. You are an incredibly lucky man, DB, to have such a wonderful, no-nonsense wife and mistress - and a whole new year of discipline and loving correction unfolds before your eyes with this little overture.

    My very best wishes to you and your amazing and awesome SO.

  4. Hi Joey - I have to agree that the communications my wife gives me about spanking are often as exciting as the spanking itself.

    Kitty - yes Saturday was a red letter day and I have to thank my wife for joining in this FLR with such enthusiasm.

    Hi Hedgehog - I appreciate my good fortune believe me. I have to admit that I other than a Superior Officer I am not familiar with SO in F/M code. Please enlighten me. Thanks

  5. Hello again Michael, and thanks for the reply - there is nothing sinister about SO and it is used well outside F/m practise! I came across it a long time ago, so long ago in fact that I can't remember quite where; Significant Other - PC speech, I suppose - it just seemed to fit with my post.

    Best wishes to you and your Lady, then!

  6. Hi again HH - thanks for writing back and now you have said it, it seems pretty obvious. Yes it does fit and as you say is a good descriptive phrase. I was a bit slow on this one.


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