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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Spanklet - House guest corrected

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

George knew that he had overstepped the mark of decency with his cousin Lydia and was about to pay the price.

He was down from university for the holidays, whilst his family was travelling in India. His Mother had closed their house for the time being and he had been to told to go to his Aunts at Winslock Manor so that he could cram for his forthcoming exams.

When he learned that Lydia was out on a foxhunt he had made his way to her bedroom to snoop around. Finding the underwear in her chest of drawers he had been overcome with a desire to touch it and to finger his erection at the same time.

Lydia had burst into the room, after her horse had gone lame and she had retired from the hunt, and gave a small cry of horror at the sight of George standing there with his trousers and pants round his ankles.  His nudity appalled her but then the look of surprise on his face amused her.

George was given an alternative – either she would tell her Mother everything and he would leave the house in shame or he would take a whipping from Lydia.

She had heard and occasionally seen her brothers being thrashed and had been excited by the whole business of corporal punishment. Now, as if it was a gift from heaven she had the opportunity to turn a fantasy into reality.

In truth there was no option and George had gone over her knees, without a murmur, to receive a childish spanking with her hairbrush. Lydia was far from satisfied with this as a punishment and left him in the corner of her bedroom whilst she went in search of a cane in her Papa’s study. Back in her room she told George to strip and to help her out of her riding habit, since he was so keen to learn about female undergarments she hoped this would satisfy his curiosity. 

As he helped her undress Lydia went into great detail about the whipping he was about to receive. She told him that he would be gagged to keep him quiet and that his hands would be tied behind his back with his own trouser belt.

The whole process of undressing was prolonged by Lydia and the tension in the room was electric. Finally, when all her clothes were put away neatly and she was bare from the waist up, she pulled the belt out of the loops in the trousers and turned on George, instructing him to move across to the ottoman, and lay himself over the cushioned armrest.

Forcing him to cross his arms behind his back Lydia wrapped the belt in a turn around his biceps and fastened it tightly at the hasp. Then she took a thin chemise from a drawer and stuffed one end into his mouth to keep him from crying out. When all was ready she slowly approached the young man’s bare bottom with the rattan cane in her hand, swishing it vertically in practice strokes .

It was going to be a long lesson, but one that George was sure to remember.

Thanks to Otto for the drawing


  1. Poor Lydia! Not only did her horse go lame, but then she couldn't find anyone better to spank than George the pantie-sniffer. But she seems to have had a crush on him, why else would she have let him help undress her? Although I hard that among British upper classes it used to be considered proper to have your servant undress you. My British boyfriend said that in England being awkward about nudity marked you as being middle class rather than upper.

  2. Very hot, M! Best wishes and a Happy New Year!

  3. Well done Michael. Very erotic spanking story.


  4. Great fun for Lydia and poor George...a sore bottom for him, but then again, I suppose he loved it;).


  5. Hello Marie. Thanks for stopping by. Your boyfriend is probably right about the business of class and the approach to nudity.Nice to hear from you - what's your story?
    Thanks Otto - the drawing was inspirational.
    Hi Joey -Appreciate your comment and support.
    Hello Kitty - I think that it will have had a profound effect on George. You may hear more of him.


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