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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Spanklet - Restrictions

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

The tight panties constricted his testicles as he sat down at the long table in the elegant boardroom. He regretted his wife’s instructions that he should wear this feminine item of clothing on this day of all days, because the meeting would last for a number of hours and he was too junior in the company to stand and pace around the room, in the way that some of the older directors were accustomed to do. At least they get the chance to wriggle their balls as they took a few paces around the richly carpeted room, in order to stretch their legs. He couldn’t even risk a furtive dive into his waistband to rearrange his gear, squeezed inside the warm cocoon of the blue lacy nylon knickers. The panties were at least two sizes too small for him and had been chosen by his wife as he accompanied her on a shopping trip. She had deliberately bought a pair for herself as well so that when the assistant pointed out the size difference between her silky thong and the lacy blue pants, his dear wife had chimed out in a loud voice, you are correct, the blue ones are for him, pointing at him. To his shame she went on to tell whoever was listening that she liked to cater for her husband’s feminine side. As they had walked away from the cash desk he had to face the grinning faces of the other two women in the queue. He complained about her making this purchase so public but was told that he had now earned himself a caning as soon as they got home for talking back to her and that it would be a punishment he was not likely to forget.

Now that he sat in his place at the large boardroom table, waiting for people to arrive at the meeting, he looked through his papers and in particular at the pink piece of paper that his wife had placed in his briefcase that morning. She had written that she had invited her friend Julie to dinner that evening and she expected him to make dinner and generally be useful. He was to be home early having bought a list of shopping on the way and dinner was to be ready at eight. She had written the words Formal Attire in capitals so he knew he was to wear only an apron, a pair of hold up stockings with pumps and some panties and that she expected drinks as soon as her guest arrived. The meal would be served in the dining room and he knew that she wanted impeccable behaviour from him. Julie was one of her friends who had been told of his submissive role at home and as a divorcee she had been at their house many times before when he had to serve the two of them. He had even been sent to Julie’s house one weekend when he had been badly behaved and had to clean her house from top to bottom. Julie had seen him punished about 6 or 8 times and had participated in the caning or strapping of his bottom. To his knowledge she was the only person that his wife had told about their female led relationship but he couldn’t be sure and he would not dream of asking.

As he sat  in the Board Room he was sorting out his papers when his phone beeped with the message. It was from his wife and she was asking if he was sitting comfortably.

- No, he texted back.

-Too bad. 24 stk 4 u , she had responded

When he finally arrived home and closed the door on the busy world he heard the voice from the top of the stairs.

“Hello darling. Come upstairs please.”
Slowly he climbed each stair, shedding his clothes one by one as he went. When he faced his wife in the bedroom he was wearing just the blue knickers and the tip his erection bulged out from the tight elastic. She swished the cane vigorously and pointed at the chair. The anticipation of the 24 strokes whipping onto his bottom had his head buzzing and his legs trembling.


  1. What a marvellous and sexy little tale! I really love this flash-fiction style of story - as well as any other kind of impact story, to be quite honest - but these are just enough to whet the appetite and make me think about writing again.

    Thank you, DB - you are the tops at this!

  2. Very nice little story!
    But when does Julie arrive?

  3. Hi hedgehog - thanks for your generous comment. I look forward to reading some of your stories. Did you publish them.The spanklets are trying to get the reader in the mood and allow free rein to finish off in his/her mind. Glad that they seem to work.

    Juliesp- hi and thanks for commenting. Having found your blog I now have a clearer idea about the sort of person Julie might be, so I will make sure she puts in an appearance soon.

  4. Another hot little tale. Well done!


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