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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Punishment book - time to pay the piper

We were in bed reasonably early last night . My wife had her pyjamas on and had resisted my suggestion that she could remove the lower half so that we might make love. She was reading her novel and I was dozing off to sleep when she suddenly nudged me and told me to go and get the Punishment Book. I knew that a review of its contents was well overdue but I was unprepared for any punishment and I was unsure if I could get my head into the zone at that moment. Anyway, I did not argue.

I retrieved the slim black volume from the drawer in the study and returned to the bedroom. As I handed it over, my wife instructed me to remove my pants and kneel by the side of the bed with my hands on my head.

Slowly she turned the pages until she came to the one with the unspent list of errors and omissions on my part. In a careful stern voice she began to read out what was written.

“50 strokes cane disobedience, not reading note in kitchen. What was that about?” she asked.

I reminded her that I had failed to see a note she had left, requiring me to fix a drink for her bath time and be ready for a maintenance session

“30 strokes paddle flirting BBQ. Yes, I was particularly mad with you that day. I think I might make the punishment 50 strokes, now that I think about it.”

“30 strokes no instrument, dentist. That was a stupid thing to do  and it cost us money, you not keeping that appointment.”

“Yes ma’am. “ I agreed.

“You do not speak unless I ask you to – remember that. Well, let’s make that 30 with the cane.”

She read out the next line in the book.

“Following woman in supermarket. What on earth is this?”

I kept my head down looking at the floor and explained what it meant, and all about the plaid mini skirt, and that it was a self confession because I knew I should not have done it. Strangely my wife made no comment but went on to read out the next two entries which were 50 strokes for wearing knickers for my own enjoyment and a note that I had let the bank account go into an unauthorised overdraft.

“I can’t believe I have let things slip so much. It must be over two months now since you were properly dealt with?” 

She closed the book and placed it on the bedside table.

I saw her wriggle around under the duvet and then she swung both legs over the edge of the bed.

“Come here and do the one thing you are good at.”

I shuffled forward a few inches and buried my face between her legs.

As she lay back contentedly on the bed and I began the slow circle movements around her lips with my tongue, she told me how much she was looking forward to sorting out the punishment list this weekend.
“Yes ma’am.Thank you ma’am.” I mumbled from the depths.


  1. Great post. Good luck Michael.

  2. I had to get Excel out for that! That's at the very least 180 strokes with cane and paddle, and that does not even count up all the offences. Time to pay the piper indeed! I can't imagine you'll be sitting very comfortably next week, Michael.

  3. Hi Joey. Thanks for commenting. The decision was taken today that the book would be inspected on Sunday, on the basis that I had too many Christmas type chores to get through today.
    I am excited but a little worried about the prospect.

    Hello Julie - Nice to hear from you today. Bit of a coincidence that we both used the metaphor about paying the piper. I certainly hadn't read your blog when I wrote mine.Yes the sum total is a little scary because the book has not been looked at for so long. There is a chance that some elements might be held over for the future.

  4. I think your butt will be crimson if you get that many strokes...OUCH!

    Good luck, Michael! I feel so sorry for you.


  5. Hi Kitty - an about an hour I am about to find out. I have a couple of chores to get through.

  6. Gawd yesss.... I think We need a punishment book, lol! :)


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