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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday Spanklet - Short sharp lesson

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

They were now on their third date after Edward had responded to Julie’s advert in the Women seeking Men column of the Times. They had their first meeting in a bar, the second as a walk around the park and now today they met for lunch at a nice pub restaurant. Julie had suggested that they go back to her place and as they were walking back to their separate cars Edward had given her a playful slap on the bottom of her denim dress. She had glared at him quite hard and told him not to do that, so he figured he might just have blown his chances of some afternoon delight back at hers. He followed her car without much concentration on the road as he was thinking about how to win Julie over. The lunch had gone quite well he thought so it was a shame to think he might have spoilt it. He didn’t see the traffic light turn red as Julie passed over the junction until it was too late and he had gone through the light, hard on her tail.

Once they had parked on her drive Julie welcomed him into her house and he made a comment about how nice the décor was and how she had nice things. Julie offered to make coffee. As they stood in the large kitchen and chatted away in a lively fashion, it seemed to Edward that she had mellowed and his chances upstairs might be good.
As he sipped the coffee Julie took her large handbag and placed it on the dining table. She then picked up a wooden chair and turned it around so that it was facing into the room. Sitting down on the chair Julie called Edward over to her.

He thought he should sit down as well but she told him to stand and then turned to take something out the handbag. She passed him a slip of paper.

“Read this out please Edward”

He saw it was the original advert that had been placed in the newspaper. He had no idea what this was all about but he cleared his throat and began to speak.

“This slim, attractive, stylish lady, late 30’s enjoys skiing, tennis, travel, music and fun would like to meet the perfect gentleman for romance. Respect for traditional values, right wing politics and a disciplined attitude  are essential. Call me now on voicebox 5437.”

Edward looked over at  Julie when he had finished. He had not noticed that she had undone some of the buttons in the centre of her dress and the two sides had fallen away exposing a considerable length of leg. He could just see the lacy top of her stay up stockings and he stiffened inside his trousers with the erotic vista.

“Well Edward, the traditional part of that advert refers to the fact  that I am a firm believer in good behaviour and the discipline is what I give out.”

Julie again turned to the handbag and took out a large wood backed hairbrush. Edward could not know it but it was manufactured by Kent & Co and was one of the most expensive in their range. He looked at her legs, the hairbrush and then her stern face and suddenly he had an idea where this scenario might be heading.

“ So let’s recap shall we Edward?”

Julie paused and screwed up her courage to continue. This was the first time she had spanked a man. She had seen how her best friend Hannah kept her husband in check and Hannah had described in detail the spankings and canings that were a part of their happy married life. Julie had resolved that,from now on, any serious relationship she would have would be with a man who accepted that she was in charge.

Julie motioned Edward to come closer and lifted his sweater up from his waist before starting to slowly, almost sensually, unbuckle the leather belt around his trousers.

“First you were very rude to that poor waitress at lunch about the slow service. I now you were showing off to impress me but I will not tolerate a man who is rude to women, no matter what job they are doing!”

By this stage Julie had unzipped his trousers and they had fallen to Edwards ankles. He was under no illusions now as he stared at the hairbrush lying across the very attractive lap. As Julie inserted her fingers into the waistband of his pants she went on-

“Second I did not appreciate you whacking my bottom in the car park. I will not be treated as some piece of female meat that you can slap in public.”

The pants were coming down now inch by inch and his erection was waving waving around in front of her face.

“And then to top it all I saw you driving carelessly like some sort of boy racer, and going through a red traffic light. I would have waited for you further down the road you know.”

“ Yes, miss. I am sorry. That was foolish I know”

He was naked below the waist  as his pants had slid down his legs and his response had been prompted by the foolish, childish nature of his predicament.

“Good. I like your apology but you should call me Ma’am not Miss when you are about to be punished. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am”

Edward looked a bit shamefaced now and his stomach was churning as he imagined what might follow

Julie picked up the hairbrush and pointed at her lap.

“Right then. Over you go. I am about to teach you a lesson you will not forget in a hurry.”

Reaching back into her handbag one more time as Edward lay prostrate with his white bare bottom cheeks in the air, Julie pulled out her mobile phone.

“This is so handy,” she said in a jocular tone. “It is now 3.10 and I am going to set the alarm for 3.15. You will find out that 5 minutes of hairbrush time with me is a very long time indeed.”

“Yes ma’am.” The quiet voice came up from the carpet. 

Edward did indeed sound worried.


  1. Excellent spanklet Michael.

  2. I like short stories that come quickly to the point.

  3. Very nice - another wonderful, sexy short story to while away a few minutes on a Sunday - you write so well, DP - and so believably, too.

    Thank you and please keep writing these saucy, stinging little gems!

  4. Hi Joey - glad you liked it. I might keep the character Julie going into the future. It was Juliesp who got me thinking of the name over at Strict Julie Spanks.

    OBB - pleased you approve.

    Hedgehog - thanks for this. The pressure is on. I will try and succeed and come up with more. To be honest it is a nice distraction during the working week to come up with the next spanklet in my head.

  5. Enjoyed this post, was well written, and really had my mind racing.



  6. Great story! More than the name, I think, that was me giving out that spanking, right down to my trusty hairbrush! Ha Ha! Lovely writing, Michael.

  7. Hi James - thans for the nice comment.

    Hi Julie - I am pleased you enjoyed the spanklet. I had your hairbrush in mind. I bet you have quite an effective wrist flick. I will let you now how Julie gets on.

  8. Hello Michael,

    Nice spanklet. Lucky Edward!


  9. HiMichael_Michael - thanks for commenting, glad you liked it.

  10. awesome story would lovea woman likethat


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