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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Surprising events on Saturday

Last Saturday night turned out to be a lot different to what either of us might have expected. We drove out to have dinner at the house of some friends. There were just the four of us. They live in the country and I was supposed to stay off the drink so as to be able drive back home.  That didn’t happen. The wine flowed and my self-discipline failed me so by 11.30  it looked as if I would have to call an expensive taxi to come and take my wife and I home. Then we would have to come out for the car early on the following morning.

 When I said I was going to call a taxi our friends suggested we stay in their guest cottage, which they rent out to holidaymakers. There was no-one there that night. At first my wife protested that it was too much trouble but after a while their insistence that it was a good idea wore her down and she accepted, but not without giving me a hard stare, as if to say that I should not have put her in this position in the first place.

We all drank some more and finally decided to call it a night. We helped tidy things away and then Katie led us out the cottage and left us to it. She told us that she would cook some breakfast at about 9.30 and handed us a bottle of orange juice and some milk for the tea and coffee.

She also gave my wife a plastic bag with what she called some personal stuff.

Once we were inside the cottage and I had switched on a few lights my wife got a bit angry, telling me that she felt embarrassed about putting Katie to so much trouble and that I should have stuck to the bargain about not drinking. I said I was sorry and we made up with a kiss.

I  had no nightwear so once I was washed I hit the bed naked. My wife then appeared from the bathroom in one of Katie’s T- shirts and a pair of her pants.
Now T -shirt and knickers are about the sexiest thing around in the right circumstances and my erection showed my excitement. I went down on my wife almost as soon as she was in bed and spent a good few minutes sucking and licking her through the cotton fabric of her pants.

I was going for gold and about to try and slide the knickers down her thighs when she turned me over on my back and sat on top of my face. My wife started to slap my balls with the outstretched fingers of one hand and I squirmed with pleasure. I have no idea why I find this such a turn on but there it is. I was still licking away at the cotton gusset and she reached back with her free hand to pull the fabric away from the soft lips between her legs. I went into crazy mode, licking and sucking with all my energy and she continued with the ball slapping, but harder now and a lot faster.

After  some more bucking and groaning from me, my wife knelt and then stood up on the bed. Standing over me she slowly pulled down the pants and stepped out of them and then squatted done again, but this time with her anus over my mouth.

“Go on. You like this so lick away, naughty boy.”
I was rampant with excitement and forced my tongue into the hole with as much energy as I could find at this stage in the proceedings. She started to slap my balls and inner thighs hard, really hard and yanked away at my cock with her other hand, practically pulling it off me. Usually she would stop this after a few minutes but that night she just went on and on and I covered her vagina and lips with my wet kisses. Just when I thought I would at last be ready to come she stopped suddenly and rolled off me.

“I can’t get there,” she said. “I have had too much to drink, so if I can’t come neither can you.”

I lay there gasping with my groin aching. She hadn’t been that severe with her ball smacking before but it still felt great.

“Get off and go and get me some water.”

I did as I was told and climbed back into bed.

“Goodnight,” I said and “thanks.” I kissed the back of her neck.

“If you’re a good boy we will do something in the morning. But leave your cock alone.”

I did and she was as good as her word.


  1. Well done Michael. Thanks for sharing the story of a great night.

  2. Nice evening... Love the mental picture. Especially of you licking Her anus...and having to wait for morning! :)


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