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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Do we go back to the UK ?

We returned to the BnB from our trip to the beach to find that the owner had taken the opportunity to change the bed linen and towels. Fortunately my wife had told me to stash the spanking implements in our car before we had set off for the trip south. 

She would not have been a happy person if she thought the owner knew what we get up to.

We are not sure what to do about going back to the UK after the quarantine introduction. Do we stay longer or do we go now?

I am all for staying. We will discuss it tonight.

I hope that we may discuss the fact that I disobeyed my wife and took two credit cards to the beach by mistake, instead of just cash.

Serious consquences I think.


  1. I hope you let us know the result of your discussion about whether to return home - and also your discussion about the credit cards. It sounds like it might be a somewhat uncomfortable journey for you, if you do decide to go home. Parallel lines on your bottom might look artistic, but they are not very comfortable to sit on.

  2. My wife grew up in Ireland, women are in charge, so a husband being spanked in nothing new, expected. A recent visit, stayed in a nice hotel, breakfast one morning, I was squirming, the waitress just smiled and said last night or this morning, this morning my wife said.


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