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Monday, 18 May 2020

Lock down drinking

Disciplinarian & Life Coach (@disciplineservi) | Twitter

Not quite sure how this staged release from lock down is supposed to work in the UK.

My wife and I can each see one friend so yesterday we invited a couple from the house down the road, who we see at the pub under normal circumstances, and the 4 of us sat in the garden at two tables spaced 2 metres apart.

I don't suppose we were meant to interpret the social meeting rules in this way but we did.

Later that evening I had a bit too much to drink on top of what I had already drunk that afternoon. My wife reminded me that I was supposed to be losing weight and not drinking so much. She told me to make an entry in the Punishment Book.

We watched a new TV series on N that evening, all about crime and drugs in Ibiza. The orgie scene took me by surprise. Very erotic goings on but no spanking that I could see. Worth watching again to see what I missed.

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  1. In UK as well. Lockdown for me has meant tighter control and discipline from my wife. I’m loving it!


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