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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Secrets are everywhere behind closed doors

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 Olga secret hug panties are also great for men it seems.

Some comment :

In spite of the name being somewhat reminiscent of a heavyset Austrian milk maid, Olga panties have sent more than one man who wears lingerie into fits of fan boy passion. Why? Because Olga produces some of the filmiest, floatiest lingerie you will ever see, that’s why. Olga panties feel like a satin cloud wrapped around your bottom and bits.

It is a long time since it became apparent in our marriage that I enjoyed wearing panties and my wife has had no problems with this fancy of mine.. 

Some twenty odd years ago, my wife had wrapped the fabric of her thong pants around my balls one night and pulled the material tight. I told her that I loved that feeling of submission. It wasn't long after that she experimented with making me actually wear a pair of  pair of thong panties, with my erection stood up in front of her, whilst she slapped my behind with a hairbrush.

We were already into her spanking and disciplining me by this time and she didn't bat an eyelid when I later on asked if I could wear knickers to work or when we were out socially.

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I am supposed to wear my knickers only when I am authorised to do so by my wife. I have some daytime panties and a couple of pairs of red punishment panties and I keep them at the back of my underwear drawer, in a box.

Browsing the internet reassures me that I am not the only male with a desire to keep myself shaved, slip on some sexy women's under wear and get a spanking as a result. 

I don't do the bra bit but I do have a range of knickers and a tummy control girdle that she makes me wear when she wants me to look good at a function.

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Buying panties for men on the web has become easier and it was fun to come across this video the other day. This boutique   Homme mystere   offers more than just a sexy thong that so many men's panty stores offer , but  silky full bottom pants and knickers. He and his partner certainly seem relaxed about their little secret and enjoy it.

I bought some new panties and suspenders the other day when my wife was away and fooled around spanking myself . The set remains hidden but maybe it's time to move them to my drawer and get found out.

I have recently added a Video gadget on the left hand column of this blog, to replace the Slideshow that was removed. So for the first video to be listed in this gadget, you can watch a chap indulging in more than just his panty wearing desires. 

Whatever your indulgence  I hope you have fun and if you end up getting caught, well that's something different to talk about over the dinner table.

Image result for men in panties

And if you like girdle wearing girls take a romp now.


  1. We have enjoyed paddles and panties from our first year of marriage. We usually buy matching panties or light control girdles. Cheap fun. All we have to do to get a paddling is put on special panties. Did it yesterday.

    Glad you are in good enough body shape to wear the panties from Homme mystere.

    I have been told the woman modeling the girdle does that for a living.

    Did not find the video gadget?

    1. Hi thanks for commenting. I would not look good in the Homme Mystere outfits unfortunately. I can imagine that the woman in the girdle may well not be an average You tuber. The Video and Story gadget should be visible above Followers on the left hand column I hope..

  2. As a pantied, and at times girdled, husband I can testify to the extreme pleasure of being bent over for a spanking when suitably dressed. Exciting beyond words!

  3. here i am! thank you for leaving a comment on my blog... i'm loving all the lingerie shown here!

  4. The Olga panties are our favorite - for Irene anyway. I wear whatever silly girly thing she instructs me to, sometimes a girdle as a constant reminder of who's in charge and who is not.

    And speaking of girdles, that video of the woman walking upstairs is perfect - very hot. Thanks very much.



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