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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Autumn already and short on time

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Not had a lot of time for blogging so apologies all round. I will get out my pen very soon.

Hermione recently had a Sunday Brunch spot,  Hermiones Spanko Brunch about Tumblr where she asked which of us had set up a Tumblr spanking blog?

I have tried my hand at Tumblr over the last few months but it wasn't as much fun as blogging, since there isn't much feeling that you are talking to anybody. 

Here is one of my efforts, which is slightly off topic for me, since it involves peachy female bottoms. Le Cul d'Or

 I started a couple of FM sites on tumblr which are not that interesting at the moment, but if I develop them I will let you know.

New story added in top left hand corner widget.

Bye for now.

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  1. hope your sites work out. As a submissive husband I must say I love the picture. It appears to be a husband over his wife's lap awaiting a spanking, while friend sits and watches and enjoys the scene. It also appears that the husband and friend are going to have a conversation while he's getting spanked. Very embarrassing for the husband.


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