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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Friday night catch up on chores and a whipping.

My wife had a surprise in store for me last night. I was home late from work and a lot of my daily chores were found by her to be incomplete. Dishes on the draining board, bed linen not ironed, towels not changed, that sort of thing.

She had left a note saying that she had called a friend and they had gone to a wine bar for a girlie supper. The note listed everything that was to be finished by me, including a sheet change on the bed and a shower clean. I was to text her when the house was ready for her to come back to.

In the bedroom she had placed the cane on the blanket chest at the end of the bed and a small note.

" 50 strokes, blindfold and no noise. You will learn !"

Whilst I got on with my jobs I imagined my wife and her friend coming home together to discipline me.

That was just a fantasy of course, but the reality of the thrashing from my Mistress, when she arrived home about 10,  was more than satisfying and I have some lovely fresh lines on my bottom this morning. 

I am about to take up her morning coffee.

Have a good public holiday, in the UK. It's quite sunny here.


  1. That was a great post. Reminds me somewhat of myself. :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I am sure you are fairly stern when it comes to housekeeping.

  2. thanx chaland. you are fairly come to housekeeping .....


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