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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

FLR Married bliss

The holiday weekend has passed quickly. Mainly doing chores and tidying up summer clutter.

I made overtures about sex on Sunday night and spent a long time giving my Mistress a foot scrub and pedicure followed by cunnilingus,

On the Monday morning my wife indicated that I could have a "good boy" maintenance spanking and get to choose with what and how. I asked her if she would whip my balls and penis with the little red whip and then give me forty strokes with the riding crop

After lunch she sent me upstairs and I lay on my back, naked, on the bed. When she was good and ready she stripped to her bra and pants and inspected the toys I had laid out

She entertained herself, and me, with a long period of flicking and whipping with the dozen or so leather thongs of the whip. I arched my back trying to get the ends of the whip to land around my scrotum and onto my bottom cheeks. Delightful pain.

Then she slapped, scratched  and pulled my cock and balls for a good ten minutes whilst sitting across my chest. I gazed at her panty clad bottom in front of me and ached to spank it.

The riding crop session was a good thrashing and I was allowed to wank whilst I stood in the corner. She ran the tip of the cane teasingly up and down my back telling me what a naughty and bad boy I am, whilst I pumped myself hard to come.

Afterwards we settled down to have supper and watch TV.

All in all a good weekend. 

This woman knows how to get his attention.
“ This is how a real woman controls her man!


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