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Monday, 20 July 2015

Keys problem put to bed in a new way

Well then, last Wednesday finally brought settlement of the "keys" account and it wasn't easy on my behind.

We strolled to the pub on a nice sunny evening and my wife, S, restricted me to a salad and a non-alcoholic drink. We found a quiet part of the garden and settled down to enjoy an infrequent UK summers day. We are  known at the pub so I didn't need to collect one of those wooden spoons with numbers written on, which indicate to the serving staff where you are sitting when they bring they food out. They are quite large spoons in this bar and as I stood waiting my turn to order I had a fleeting thought handing one to to my wife and her spanking me in public. 

I carried the drinks into the garden. It was early and there was only one other couple at the other end of the garden, out of earshot.

S told me that the house and garden had looked good when she had returned from the girl's weekend. She asked me what  naughtiness I had got up to whilst she was away and I said hardly any, which received a doubtful look.

Better I know about it now rather than later you know.

I told her that I had worn some panties whilst cleaning, had drunk  a bit too much beer and that was about it. I left out the part about self spanking, the blogging and  drinking a whole bottle of wine, for self preservation.

Did you come here?,  meaning the pub.

I admitted I had. It would have been easily checked up on.

Anything else? Did you play with yourself?

I admitted that I had, just the once on Saturday.

So what with making us late on Friday and and all your badness over the weekend how do you think I should deal with you?

I said that I didn't know.

Well, you will soon find out and I am sure you have a pretty good idea.

The meal arrived and we discussed family matters, some finances and a bit of gossip from her girlfriends and then we left the pub and walked home.

S wasted no time in dealing with me.

Strip down to your pants in the kitchen and go outside. I looked puzzled but did as I was told.

She pulled out the garden hose from its reel and laughed at me as she sprayed me with a jet of cold water. I danced around as she humiliated me about  my unmanliness at taking a cold shower. S approached me and pulled open my pants at the front to squirt my front with the nozzle. As she did so, she stared hard into my eyes and threatened me.

I just don't want you t be excited by your spanking she said. A cold shower should do the trick. Now go into the garage and wait for me. I will be back to warm you up.

I slunk off through the rear door of the garage and stood against the cupboards with my hands on my head, shivering with the chill of the water. The car was still parked outside as it hardly ever makes it into the garage because of the household stuff . 

It was maybe 10 minutes before she appeared carrying the long paddle and the cane.

Get that workmate bench!

This was new. The workmate is a fold up metal trestle with a hard wood surface and I had no idea she had ever considered its use for discipline, still less using the garage as a spanking venue.

I retrieved the  workmate from against the wall and set it up in the middle of the garage. 

My wife pointed to my wet pants which I peeled off and then with a wave of the paddle I knew that I should bend over. 

It's got sharp edges, I complained.

I know. That's good isn't it, for someone who is about to be punished.. I don't want you to be comfortable Now hurry up before I set your balls in the clamp. I am sure you would find that a lot more painful, but it might be fun for me.

I stretched over the metal frame and the first crack of the paddle resounded through the empty space. I took my paddling without complaint. Once the heat built up in my bottom it became rather enjoyable. It is always a challenge for me to show that I am strong enough to take my punishment when it is due. S did not hold back and I soon forgot about the sharp edges of the bench digging into my hips.and tummy. Just to show she was having an effect I did start to groan as we reached fifty swats. (I had been told to count in 5's)

S said nothing as she walked over put the paddle down and I heard the rattle of the cane. The tip tap of her aiming and distance measurement as she positioned her feet left me a bit more concerned about what might come next.

I think I said a hundred strokes in my text to you, didn't I?

Yes, ma'am.

Well stretch out your legs and keep your position.I am going to teach you  a  lesson to remind you to follow instructions in future.

The whipping was pretty ferocious. The roominess of the garage gave her more space for a sideways swing and that in turn gave her greater accuracy for horizontal stripes on my bottom and backs of my legs. Each time the cane landed I could feel its energy flooding into my skin. I could not keep a stroke  count and I don't think that S did either. 

My bottom became so sore that I  felt the tears build up in my eyes and I started to say sorry each time a stroke landed. S has never stopped a punishment once it has begun, so I knew it did not  matter what I said during the caning as she would continue just the same, ignoring me until she was satisfied. That meant that I could mutter phrases like Please maam, please stop ma'am, and it would not make the discipline end any sooner.

 The only words I must never use are expletives like fuck or bitch. That would be disrespectful. So I limit my curses and try to get my head in the right place to take the pain and in my own way enjoy the submissive feeling.

bench-ban-bent-over-and-spanked.jpg (800×500)
When  the caning ended and I lay over the bench catching my breath. I thanked  her for taking the time to punish me so severely and said I would try to stay out of trouble in the future.

S ran her hand over my blazing butt and fingered the many ridges which the cane had left.

I don't think I have caned you any  harder than that in the past, so I hope you remember it and  behave.

She left the garage to relax in a bath before bedtime and I put things away. 

Once in bed she asked  to look at my purple and red bruises one more time.I stood at the side of the bed and pulled down my pyjama bottoms and turned around. 

 Definitely my best effort, she said. Is it really sore?

Yes ma'am.

From now on I think all punishments  will be given in the garage and only maintenance spankings will be in the house. 

Yes ma'am. Could I get a different bench ma'am? 

No, don't be silly. We are not spending money on stuff like that. The workmate is just fine.
Now get into bed and show me how much you appreciate your Mistress.

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  1. You were punished thoroughly for this issue. Not only did you punish yourself with all the thoughts, she punished you well. How soon before you do something naughty again?


    1. Hi Baxter. Probably sooner than is sensible. Thanks for stopping by.


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