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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Benefits of being good

We were at a BBQ on Sunday at a friend who lives quite a distance from us. The weather was kind and we had a good car journey chatting about this and that.

My wife mentioned how much better our relationship had become in the last few weeks and how much she enjoyed my attention toward her and the sex. There was one thing however that she wasn't happy with and that was my drinking. Apparently she had spotted that bottle of wine from the previous weekend in the garbage. 

She wasn't sure, she asked in a guileless manner, but hadn't I said I had only drunk beer when she was away?

The game was up, so I said I must have forgotten about the wine.

Well, we will just have to add it to the next session, won't we and in the meantime you can go teetotal for a month.

I started to remonstrate that that wasn't fair but she stopped me in my tracks.

I thought you were doing what I said from now on?

Yes ma'am . I struggled with my submission but accepted her position as the person in charge of my life.

The friends house is in a country village which is wealthy, to say the least. The cottage they own is actually three cottages knocked into one and it backs onto a public area for sports, bowls and for people to walk in and children to play. In the medium distance, over the wooded parkland, is the Saxon church. You get the picture - all very English.

In recent years the village committee had raised lottery funds for a tennis court and clubhouse refurbishment and the new hard court and club house was less than a hundred feet to the left of our friends garden.

184c9cc61522b2084fca07127d3fe193.jpg (462×1141)There were about 30 people  some of whom I knew and some not. A couple of the younger women were attractively dressed in summer dresses and one twenty odd year old had on nothing more than a chemise and some silky shorts. She looked as though she was in her nightwear not out in public. The high heels and long brown legs made it very difficult for me not keep staring. I enjoyed moving around and chatting to people and just regretted that I did not have a beer in my hand.

61hb6IX4K8L._UL1500_.jpg (1385×1500)At one point I looked over the garden wall and there were two girls playing tennis. To increase my blood pressure one of them was wearing what looked to be gym knickers and a white T shirt. I kept on looking over other peoples shoulders as I socialised and watched the bending down and serving actions of the tennis match with a keen interest.

x354-q80.jpg (354×354)

It was no wonder my friend had said how much he enjoyed looking after his garden, if this was a typical afternoon's activity in the park.

As you may have already guessed my attentions had not gone unnoticed and when I made my way inside to the bathroom at one point in the afternoon my wife sidled up to me.

Having a good time? she asked.

Oh yes it's a great BBQ and a lovely set of people. Makes a change from our usual crowd.

Good. Now stop staring at the tennis. I have noticed you know. She gave my balls a secret squeeze as we stood in the hallway.

If you're a good boy I will tell you a tennis teacher story tonight. The one where the tennis coach gets very angry with her pupil and ends up using a hairbrush on his bottom.

I spent the rest of the  day with my eyes averted from shorts and tennis courts and my wife was as good as her word back home. I went naked over her lap as she sat on the bed and received a very sexy spanking, with a butt plug inserted by her  for good measure. 

Being good can bring its own reward.


  1. well, gee, since she caught you looking at the tennis court, why did you stop doing so, at least surreptiously, anyway

    1. Because I was told not to and you have to respect your Mistress, non?

  2. I agree with your comment to Baxter. Once you are told to stop what you are doing you stop. I think she was being nice to you by spanking you with a butt plug in. I've only had a few of those and the darn plug keeps coming out so she has to stop the spanking and reinsert it. She finally gave up on spanking with my plug in.

    1. You need a different plug. Not necesarily bigger (since I don't know how big your is) but with a larger differential between the wide and thin parts. The thinner portion near the base should help keeping it in place.


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