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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Two get back on the bike - Part 4

That evening in Glasgow ended well and as we drove home the next day we were both in a glow of happiness. That part of Scotland is known for its damp weather but there was nothing gloomy in our relationship that night. After a heavy session of cunnilingus and a good thrashing for me we were both on top of the world. 

We had a few drinks too many with my wife's   friend and her husband and the tipsiness had translated into every type of oral sex back in the hotel room. I had licked and kissed my way from her bottom ring to her clit and I spent over fifteen minutes down there. S congratulated me on my performance after she had orgasmed happily, three or four times. 

The discussion in the car ranged from how she had enjoyed seeing her friend, to what we were going to do to keep up the momentum of our sex life and which disciplinary measures would be in force from now on.

After stopping for a coffee at the scenic motorway station near the Lake District on the M6 motorway my wife fell asleep and did not wake until we were only a few miles from home.

As I carried the bags into the house S made one or two comments about how nice it was to have a well behaved man in the house.

It looks as though we are back in the groove one more time and my wife has control.


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