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Friday, 19 June 2015

Two get back on the bike - Part 2

When I woke in the morning it was fine and fair day outside. I got dressed quickly to leave for the client´s office and my wife stayed in bed. Her friend had taken a day´s holiday so that they could shop together.

 After breakfast I returned to the room to say goodbye.

As I approached the bed my wife threw off the bedclothes to reveal herself naked and swung her legs over the bed side to sit up. She pulled me toward her and unzipped my pants.

 Taking out my rising prick  from my my pants she gave me about a minute of head sucking and then pushed me away. 

"There that will give you something to think about today."

I thanked her for her kind attentions and she went back under the covers.

"Your task today is to find something useful that I can beat you with tonight. So have a good day darling and go and earn some money. I will see you at 6 back here."

I set off with a happy heart. My wife had not mentioned spanking me for months and now my head was full of how and what to find, that would be suitable instrument.

At every turn as I walked from the hotel to the office district in Glasgow I searched for something, some shop that might sell a spanking implement, without success. I hit google on the phone and found two likely places down-town. One was a hardware shop and the other a gay guys sex toys shop.

The problem was that they were both at opposite ends of the city office area. Each was within walking distance but which would be the right choice?

The morning went quickly, spreadsheets, budgets and business suggestions. My client suggested a sandwich lunch at the desk and I said fine but I would like to take a walk. . I sent a quick text to my wife, expressing the hope that she was having a good day and suggesting that my client wanted a drink after a work and that I would be back at the hotel at 7 p.m. 

I received an almost instant response saying "OK but 6.30 latest". 

On my laptop I investigated the hardware store in a bit more detail. To my  surprise I saw that it was one of the old school shops that sold everything for the home and house so I figured my chances of finding an implement there would be good and it was closer than the gay sex shop. 

I walked the three blocks quickly and sped around the inside of the large store. I clocked a wooden spoon rack which might have been an option and then a garden goods zone . They had what I wanted - a large reel of 1/2"  garden irrigation tube.

I have written about this tube before. It is a hard polyethylene and even when it has a curve in it it can be bent into a fresh shape. I asked the assistant if they would cut me a short length to fix a problem I had at home and he didn't give it a second thought. A few minutes later I was the pleased and proud owner of a meter length of spanking rod. Part of me was pleased and the other part a bit worried because I knew, from trying it out on myself in a self -spanking in the shed at home, that it could hurt like hell. 

Faced with the problem of how to get the tube into the clients office, and then back to the hotel, I went into a gift type shop and bought an umbrella. I chose a ladies one so I could ask for it to be wrapped and I slid in the tube, saying that it was a nuisance carrying the two items. No comment was made. I doubted that the shop assistant would equate a plastic tube with a caning implement.

So inside 40 minutes I was back in the office. I explained to the reception girl that I had bought something for my wife and she smiled a positively when I asked if she would keep it behind the desk whilst I was working.

At the end of the afternoon we had finished what needed to be done and I agreed to write up the report and get it back to the client as soon as possible. They didn't want a drink after work after all, so I had an hour plus some walking time to myself before I needed to be back at the hotel.

I had spotted a large bar close by with a wi-fi sign whilst walking at lunchtime so after retrieving my "gift" from the girl at reception I headed off for a quite drink and some private internet time.

After some browsing and image downloading I set off for the hotel. I was knocking on the hotel bedroom door with a few minutes to spare at 6.25. 

 I wondered what might await me.

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