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Friday, 12 June 2015

Two get back on the bike - Part 1

So, to re-commence at the recent  return to some semblance of  sex  and discipline in our lives  here is what took place.
We had gone together to Glasgow so that I could complete a work project and we were due to stay two nights in a good hotel. My wife came with me, even though I was going to be out all day, because she had a college friend in that area and she had heard quite a lot about the shops and the Pollock gallery in Glasgow.

We drove up there,getting away very early in the morning, and enjoyed the scenery and company along the way. It felt almost like a holiday. That first night I was due to meet the client for dinner and my wife  made arrangements with her friend for supper.

When I got back to the hotel room at around 10.30 pm it looked as if my wife was asleep. The room was dark so I left it like that and got undressed and washed by the light of my cell phone. I found my pyjama shorts on my side of the bed, kindly left out by my wife, and wriggled into them . Once I was under the covers (it was cold even though it was May) I lay still and tried not to disturb my wife anymore than I had already done. No words had been spoken since I came in so I half-wondered if she was mad at me.

In the silence that ensued I thought of  one of the many spanking secnes that are in a library in my head, to be recalled at will, and made an effort to fall asleep. Then, after a few minutes of stillness,  my wifes arm slid out of the bed covers and á hand came under my head. With push and a pull she made it clear the direction she wanted me to go in. I was surprised but pleased. I even stiffened a little.

When  I had twisted myself around 180 degrees under the sheet  and blanket she applied more pressure on the back of my head in a downward direction, until my mouth and chin rested on the hard mound  at the V of her legs. She was wearing panties but they were thin so there was no need to try and remove them.

I began licking and rubbing and in less than 30 seconds the muscles in her thighs were tightening and then relaxing so I knew I was in the right place. In less than two minutes or so she wiggled with an orgasm and I rested. I waited awhile takig deep breaths under the covers and started again. The next few orgasms came quickly. Her knickers were damp with my saliva and it was easy for my tongue to roll one edge of the elastic to one side so that I could tickle and stroke her soft lips with my tongue. I had another three goes at cunning her before she finally pushed my head away with her hand.

I moved back to the top of the bed and lay still by her side. We still had not spoken  but she had made long moans and groans of satisfaction. As I lay on my back she rolled over away from me to fall asleep and when I started to rub nyself I heard her speak softly.

`Leave it alone.`


  1. Excellent post. I love it when my Mistress doesn't speak and simply directs my head to the area of her body that she wants attention given to. Love it!

    1. Great to hear from you sub hub in Phoenix. Guess it must be hot there right now. Hope it[s hot for you as well.


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