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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Escort roleplay

I have missed writing up quite a few spanking sessions over the last few weeks, including those which occurred last year. The time just goes by and my head has been confused and my libido was not high in late 2013, so my sexual inspiration about spanking and writing about spanking has been at a dismal level. In the last month or so there has been a dramatic improvement in my mental state so I will attempt to be a better blogger (and husband).

In late September I accompanied my wife on a two-day business trip, acting as her driver. As I have described previously, driving her around is quite a pleasing task to take my wife to her different clients and then stay over in an hotel with her. She would need to be staying in the hotel anyway and we do not cost her business any more if there are two of us in the room, providing I pay for my own food and drink. She enjoys being chauffered around and not having to worry about maps and parking.

We had an evening on this particular trip, when she was not entertaining clients and she suggested that we play one of our little games, where she is an Escort arriving at the hotel to have dinner with me, the high powered executive. Supposedly we are just out having dinner, but you know what it is like with Escorts; they are full of ideas to increase their basic fee, and so it was with this one.

I left my wife in the bathroom of our hotel room after I had dressed and then waited downstairs in the bar until she made her entrance. We acted as if we were total strangers, shaking hands, introducing ourselves, asking each other questions, chatting about the weather and what have you.. I had arranged for a taxi and, when we were called by reception to say it had arrived, we set off to a nearby restaurant.

During the meal my “Escort” took off one shoe and played footsie with my crotch underneath the tablecloth.  I pretended not to notice and acted as if I was above that sort of thing.

Over coffee, she enquired in a low voice, if I would like her to come back with me to the hotel?

Nonchalantly I asked her how much and she responded by wanting to know what I had in mind. I told her that I was into spanking and she smiled, informing that would cost extra, quite a bit extra in fact. She would only take a light spanking, she said quietly, but if I had any toys with me she would be happy to deal with me more severely. I stiffened in my pants as she asked me casually, was it me or her who was to be spanked?

In an equally quiet but throaty voice I told her that I liked to be spanked and dealt with like a naughty boy. She laughed and said that she had thought as much adding that  “all you high powered men seem to like being dominated.”

We agreed on a basic fee for an hour, with the rest of the money to be decided during our play and I phoned for the taxi to take us back to the hotel.

Acting like the vamp tease in the back of the taxi, my “Escort” opened her coat,  raised her dress and slipped off her knickers. I caught a glimpse of white flesh above her stocking tops. Leaning across she pressed the scrunched up panties in my hand and whispered that she was sure I was the sort of man who likes wearing girl’s knickers and that I should put them on at the hotel.

When we were back at  Reception I picked up the key and went ahead to the room, whilst my wife slipped away to the bar, as part of the pretence. I don’t know what attention she might have attracted as she sat there alone, looking terrifically sexy. I wondered if she might re-enact a knickerless Sharon Stone manoeuvre on the bar stool, but I figured this was unlikely

Once in my room I pulled the cover from the bed and stripped to my pants. I popped a Viagra and a few minutes later there was knock on the door.

Letting my “escort” into the room she went straight for the bathroom but not before telling me to set out whatever spanking toys I might have with me. I opened my suitcase and withdrew the paddle, a riding crop and the small red whip and placed them on the desktop. She called me into the bathroom.

“I just need to make sure you’re clean. You would be surprised how many gentlemen don’t look after their personal hygiene. Stand in the bath.”

Taking down the shower head she told me to wash myself whilst she sprayed the water. I did as she wished, using the soap gel front and back.

She ignored my erection and dried me off with a towel then took hold of my penis and pulled me into the bedroom.

“Put on those panties and get on your back on the floor” she commanded.

I scrabbled around looking for the black silk knickers and wriggled my way into them. I then dropped to the carpet, first onto all fours and then down onto my front before rolling over.

I gazed up in admiration at the tall figure in stockings and black bra standing over me, with the riding crop flexed in a tight curve between each hand.

“For £200 you get whipped,” my escort wife said, in a cold commanding tone. “For anything else it’s extra. Understand?”

“Yes Miss. Can we do that by card Miss? “

“Oh yeah, sure thing. You think I want a card payment do you?.”

“Sorry Miss. It’s just that I don’t have the cash.”

“Well after I have finished you can crawl off to a cash machine, can’t you? Now be quiet. You’re in for a long night so you can get the money in the morning if I am still here.”

My erect prick was bursting through the tight material of the knickers which did not cover much of my crotch. The “escort” flicked the crop and teased me from my chin to my crotch, gently slapping the leather tab across every part of my body. She spent over ten minutes treating me to a masochist’s dream of a Mistress in her underwear dominating my thoughts and body. With the tab of the crop she explored every hidden part of me and spanked my prick and testicles with excruciating results.

“Roll over!”

Reluctant to have this full frontal session stop I nonetheless  pulled my body round on to one side and then turned completely on to my front. The knickers rode up into the crack of my bottom and offered no protection to my bottom. I love that sensation, resembling as it does, the pull of a tight rope around my scrotum.

With one stockinged foot on the back of my neck she whipped me more seriously on my bare bottom. To me they were just light stings, when compared to the cane, but nonetheless my submission was complete. I moaned, “Yes Mistress, whip me harder Mistress.” She flogged me for a long time and I relished every stroke.

“Kneel up on all fours and kiss my feet.”

She stood at the front of my head and began to bring the whip down hard over my bottom and into the crack between my cheeks. Seeking more pain from the crop I spread my knees apart to open my thighs wider and she flogged at my testicles and at the tender skin of the inside of my legs. I kissed and licked her toes in gratitude.

After quite a few minutes of fabulous pleasure she told me to stand. Placing the crop back on the desk she picked up the paddle and looked at me.

“This might be too noisy for a hotel room but if you are a good boy and come back to see me then I might use it another day. For now I will just give you ten quick ones. They will cost you ten pounds each. Agreed?”

“Yes Mistress, please spank me hard.”

“ Stand up then and place your hands on the desk, feet together.”

 I got into position in front of the mirror on the wall of the bedroom. I relished the opportunity to watch the gorgeous figure behind me and my prick strengthened in its desire to escape the knickers.

In a flurry of strokes she cracked the paddle across first one cheek and then the other and the sound of wood on skin reverberated round the room.

When I thought she would stop and started to get away from the desk she just laughed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I forget to tell you it was ten each cheek?”

She did not hold back and those next strokes were ten of the strongest paddle whacks I had ever received. I was sweating with the effort of taking the strokes full on.

“We don’t want to disturb the neighbours do we, so let’s have a change.”

She got on the bed and lay back. “Let’s see how well you can service your Mistress.”

I get down on my knees on the carpet as she opened her legs wide. I did not rush things. Starting with small kisses on the inside of her thighs I gradually took more of the soft folds of her vagina into my mouth and rubbed with my tongue across the hard bone of her mound. She began to come and I pushed and licked harder.

“Very nice,” she moaned as the orgasm subsided. “ Now get the whip and lie here beside me.” She pulled off the tight knickers as I stretched out on the bed.

Slowly and carefully she played with the whip up my thighs and onto my penis. I squirmed in delight.


I grabbed hold of my cock and pumped away.


She whipped me some more.

“Now again.”

I started pumping and again she brought me to a frustrating halt. This “stop-go” whipping continued for ten minutes or so and I was gagging to finish the job and cream myself.

“No penetration, but you can come on my bottom if you want.”

She turned onto her front and I got on top with my cock nestled in the crease of her cheeks. In only a few seconds I had come.

We tidied up and got into bed. She reminded me of the fee, adding another £50.00 for the whipping. I promised to get the cash in the morning.

“Good boy, now go to sleep.”

As I lay there in the dark with my eyes closed, I felt the vibrations in the mattress as she rubbed herself to orgasm for another two or three times.

Needless to say that I paid my dues the next day and we stopped at a shopping mall on the way home.

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