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Monday, 30 September 2013

Saturday - exercise in discipline

On Saturday morning I was up and about with a spring in my step, feeling refreshed after my thrashing. My bottom ached a bit but was a not sore ache and I felt that I had deserved everything I was given and was lucky to have such a good wife. I brought tea to her and found that she was already awake.

“Good morning.” I greeted her.

“Go and run me a bath and when it’s ready come back here. By the way I want a quick breakfast because I am going shopping. You can drive me in and then come back here and get on with the garden. I want all those bulbs planted before it’s too late.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I responded cheerfully, even though gardening is my least favourite job. I owed her some positivity after last nights session.

When I got back to the bedroom my wife told me to strip to my shorts to be caned another 50 times. I half knew this was going to happen and I was worried about how painful it might be on my still red ass.

“We are going to exercise you. So bend and touch your toes and stand up again and do it ten times.”

I forced myself into the exercise. I could only get within a few inches of my toes and each time the distance apart became a little greater.

“Bend over again and hold the position,” she said when I was finished.

Whipping back the cane she landed ten strokes across my shorts with a long pause between each stroke.The dull thud on my pants led to an excruciating pain flooding to my head.  I unbalanced a couple of times and had to step forward to regain my position.

“Now stand up and do ten more only this time put some more effort into it.”

I tried my best but found that the muscles in the back of my legs had frozen up.

She gave me ten more strokes and then made me do the “touch toes” ten more times followed by yet another ten strokes of the cane.

I was breathing heavily by this stage and was again scolded for being unfit.

“Give me twenty this time and put some effort into it. If you don’t touch your toes at least once I’m going to be very angry indeed.”

I strained hard and after five I managed to quickly reach my front toe. I thought she had noticed but I couldn’t be sure. After 14 attempts I could not manage any more and said so.

“Pathetic. Pull your shorts down and bend with your hands on your knees. Spread your feet. This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me."

It did. She caned me hard up and down my bottom twenty times.I was moaning by the end and came close to giving up my position and asking her to stop.

I didn’t but my head was buzzing by the time the last stroke landed.

"Now give me ten again and make it count."

I stood up and put my feet together again. Staring hard at the carpet I willed myself to lunge down and stretch my arms as far as possible. I made it ! 

A definite contact with both sets of toes. Slowly and out of breath I continued with the remaining nine but could not repeat my success.

As I stood up straight she thwacked the cane across the backs of my legs and I yelped. Hurriedly I pulled my shorts back up from around my ankles.

"OK – you just passed but from now on you give me ten of those every morning and evening and you do it where I can see you. I am going to get you fit so you better be prepared for hard work."

"Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am."

" I quite like whipping you in the morning. It's a good start to the day to see you all submissive."

I hung my head acknowledging her superiority over me.

"Come over here."

She clambered onto the bed and removed her pyjama bottoms. Lying back on the rumpled bed she opened her legs. It was clear what I was expected to do and I knelt down in front of her.

Once I had brought her to orgasm she still had my head still clamped between her thighs so I started to lick, gently running my tongue carefully around the lips. Slowly but surely she came back to boiling pint and orgasmed again.

"That's enough," she said. "Now get some clothes on and make breakfast." 

I scurried from the room before she changed her mind and brought the cane out again.


  1. Michael,

    Now that is the perfect way to start a morning.


    1. I completely agree and it left me in a great mood.

  2. You are very lucky to have her. What could be better than a caning in the morning, then being allowed to service her not only once but twice.

    1. Hi Michael, I am not surprised that the caning hurt so much comimg on top of last nights punishmnet! Your wife is really strict with you -you and that routine she has devised is very inventive ,showing her determination not to let up on punishing her 'naughty boy'!The day after the caning I have to stand at reakfast time and my wife likes to see my bare bottom and examine her handiwork and sometimes applies the wooden spoon to my sore bum! I find that I feel several twinges of pain during the morning which can catch me out and makes me gasp ! If we are shopping I sometimes get looks from other shoppers especially if I give my bum a quick involuntary rub! I wonder how many guess why! Terry

    2. sounds as though your wife deals with you properly.


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