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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Feeling the heat on Friday

Things got a little hot last Friday night. First of all I managed to break the central heating system. My wife said that the days were getting chillier and that she wanted a burst of heat around the time she usually gets home. 

Whilst setting the timer I managed to break a knob and now there is no heating. Thank goodness the hot water is working OK. Plumbers due on Monday and doubtless the expense will be my fault. 

Then I made chilli and rice for supper which was way to hot ,but at least my wife laughed about that one.

We took off to the pub for a drink after supper and met up with a few locals. I had to drive there as it was deemed to cold to walk so no alcohol for me.

Leaving the pub an hour or so later I opened the car door for my wife and as I did so she grabbed my crotch and squeezed very hard. 

"Get that book out when we get home young man, and the instruments I need."

With my balls in her fist I could only nod and utter a low voiced "Yes ma'am."

Whilst she took a shower I brought out the cane and paddle and laid them, along with the Punishment book, on the bed. I then stood and waited. In five or ten minutes my wife appeared in her dressing gown. She said nothing but sat on the edge of the bed and opened the book.

"Where is the hairbrush?" she demanded, looking round the bed

I"n your bathroom Ma'am. I did not want to interrupt you."

"Well it's no good there is it."

"No Ma'am." I hurried off to fetch it.

"And bring my knickers with you when you come back"

Returning to the room I saw that my wife had moved the  bed blanket chest  out and to the side and was sitting at one end.

I handed her the hairbrush and kept hold of her panties.

"Strip and kneel down in front of me."

It took only a few seconds to be in position.

"When I'm done I want those knickers handwashed and back in my drawer by tomorrow night. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am."

"So put them down and get over my knee."

I crawled to her side with my erection waving around and clambered over her lap, disturbing the robe in the process so that my bare skin was touching that of her thighs. In my younger days I would probably have cum right there and then just with that rubbing action.

"There's rather a lot to get through isn't there. So we had better get started. Take this watch and you can tell me when five minutes is up."

Turning my head I saw her hand holding the wristwatch. I took awkwardly by bending my left arm and placed it on the carpet in front of me.

"Starting now!" 

The hairbrush smacked against my bare skin and the spanking had commenced. 

She did not let up; it was smack after smack after smack and  the second hand had barely moved. She covered every inch of skin in no time at all and then I sensed that she was into this spanking in a big way. The whack of the brush was agony and I gave up counting. By the time a minute had gone by I must have received up to 80 spanks and Imy bottom was ablaze. It went through me head that five minutes of this treatment would not be bearable.

The spanking  continued on. After two minutes I began to sob a little each time the brush smacked into my bottom. Nothing much, just little cries of ouch, but she told me to keep quiet and take my punishment properly

At three minutes my eyes were misting over and I found it difficult to see the hands on the watch. I panicked wondering if I had lost count of the minutes. I lifted one hand to wipe my eyes and nearly lost my balance. Wrapping her arm tightly around my waist my wife told me to stay still or else.

As the watch ticked through the fourth minute I began kicking my legs and that was when she moved on to the backs of my thighs with that hateful brush. I stopped kicking and I could imagine her smile as she resumed control of my movements through this variation of the spank spot.

Having to concentrate on the time I never achieved sub- space. This spanking was all about punishment and when I finally called out "five" I was ashamed that I was nearly in tears. I lay over her lap until she pushed me off. Clambering to my feet I stood in front of her with my head down. I knew better than to rub my bottom and automatically put my hands on top of my head in a gesture of submission. My erection was ling gone.

Placing the hairbrush on the bed cover my wife picked up the cane and rolled it through her fingers. 

"So paddle or cane, cane or paddle? What shall it be I wonder?" 

She looked at me as she spoke. 

"I have all weekend for this and I think I will punish you each day. So maybe fifty cane strokes now and fifty tomorrow and the day after. That would just leave the paddle for Sunday night wouldn't it?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Very well. Bend over and see if you can touch your toes."

I tried but I couldn't. The furthest I could get was to my ankles.

"That's pathetic and you look as though you will fall over. You need to be doing more exercise." 

She tapped my bottom with the tip of the cane. 

"Stand up and go over there. Push your bottom out with your hands on the wall."

Once in position she paced around me and made remarks about my weight and how it was time I was taken in hand. 
Then with a whizz,  the cane struck my bottom. I flinched but then pushed my bottom back out to meet the next stroke.

When she had finished the whipping she threw the cane on the floor and left me standing there. 

I listened to her prepare for bed and wondered if I would be invited to join her.

"Pick everything up except the cane and sort out the blanket chest, then go to the spare room. Do not touch yourself. The caning will resume tomorrow morning. Is that clear?"

"Yes ma'am. thank you ma'am".

"And don't forget my knickers!"



  1. Thanks Michael. I really enjoy your skill at describing a punishment spanking.


    1. You are up and about early (or late). thanks for the nice comment. Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi! Wow, what a spanking ,oh and caning! I can almost feel the heat! !I I don't know how you managed to stay over your wifes knee for 5 minutes of that intense spanking , which I agree you describe so well! I think you will need a soft cushion tomorrow ! I find after a spanking from my wife, that pressing my botom against the cold tiles in the bathroom helps! Terry

    1. Hi Terry
      Thanks for stopping by. I will try the cold tiles trick.Why not tell more about your wifely spankings?

  3. Hi Michael,My wife 'enjoys. spanking me by hand but soons picks up my leather soled slipper ! She has a set of Rules ,. break one and I am in for a punishment asp! She also has a couple of canes and a tawse, used for more serious matters ! A recent row over her Mums cooking ability and my reluctance to go there for Sunday lunch, ended abruptly when she left the room and returned with a whippy cane. She took my trouseers and underpants off and had me bend over the arm of our sofa! I soon felt the sharp sting across my bare bum! She likes to cane slowly and lectures me! She gave ma about 18 strokes on my bum wiith quite few low down! Then shes likes to say 'but we must not forget your thighs!' That really hurts quite a lot and she gave me about 8 strokes ! Of course her Mum hears all about it when she phones her Mum to accept the dinner offer and tells her she can see results of the caning on Sunday ! That means many hand spanks from both of them after dinner on my bare bottom. .I naturally have to do the washing up first! That was one example of my punishements!


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