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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Standard sort of Saturday at home

Not a lot to report today. It has been raining cats and dogs here after many weeks of sun, so it was day for indoor chores. My wife set off early for the shops and is still not home. She might be having a drink in town.

I am doing a little pc time right now taking a browse and looking for inspiration. I finally got round to using Picasa to set set up a slideshow on the page. Take a look on the right. I will add to it and maybe come up with other ideas. All this blogging takes some work and time.

I got through all of the list of jobs that my wife left and added a couple of my own. I tidied up her knicker drawer and sorted it into type and colour. This is a task that I set myself unbidden years ago and I enjoy it. 

I even made some dividers so that there are compartments in the drawers for thongs, big knickers, boy shorts etc. My wife just throws them in after the laundry is done because she knows the fairies will come and sort them out.When she wears silk underwear she leaves it for me to wash by hand in gentle soap. This is a treat of submission.

After the chores I made time for a quick swim at the leisure centre and spotted a couple of attractive female bottoms in tight black swimwear. Very enjoyable to swim behind. 

I have dinner to prepare so I will sign off. I received quite a few visits to the wooden spoon blog yesterday, so if anyone has time to watch a nice  spoon spanking in action take a look at compromising position 

I could certainly do with a spanking right now but, hey - ho, must get on with the meal.

Have a  good Saturday evening

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