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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Those spoons

I got caught out on Sunday.

After writing about knickers I decided to wear a black pair of comfortably large panties on Sunday morning.

I savoured the feel and the naughtiness of putting them on and wearing them under my jeans, without my wife's consent..

We were due to clear out the garage that day, in a Spring Clean, but decided that it was too cold. So instead we opted to do a clear out of kitchen drawers, cupboards and book shelves. The morning passed quickly and there was a lot to of stuff piled up in the hall headed to the dump and the charity shop.

My wife appeared at one point holding a collection of wooden spoons. She had taken them from the utensil drawer and because they all had charred and burnt ends she said she would throw them away and buy new ones. She gave me a wicked look and said that they maybe they had just one more use before they exited the house.

I was told to bend over and touch my toes. She spanked me over my jeans with two of the old spoons and then told me to drop my trousers. 

It was only when I was unfastening my belt that I realised my problem. The knickers were about to show. I tried to pull them down simultaneously with the jeans, as they might look like ordinary underwear,  but the lace edge trim must have shown.

She was puzzled and  cross that I had chosen to give myself a knicker thrill without asking permission, so the spoon spanking turned into a more serious business. I was pretty hot and toasted by the time she had finished and had told me to enter 30 demerits in the punishment book. 

I spent the rest of the day on an endorphin high with a smarting butt. Those spoons can pack a punch.

Here is a favourite video involving wooden spoons, amongst other things Ping pong and spoon


  1. Michael,

    Your wife made good use of those wooden spoons:)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  2. The wooden spoon - or the wooden spatula - are probably the 'tools' most frequently used by my wife, but not the ones I dread most: the martinet, the rattan cane and the leather crop are on top of that list!



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