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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Big knickers

The other day Mr. Bogey, over at Our Bottoms Burn , posted about the film The Secretary. 

I can clearly recall sitting watching this film at  the cinema, with my wife  caressing my crotch with her right hand, asking me if I was enjoying myself. 

Without  a doubt the big knickers that were pulled slowly down were one of the highlights for me.

I have a thing about large pants - to me they are just as appealing, if not more so than a curvy bottom in a thong or no knickers.

I wonder if this stems back to the days when the only females with very few clothes that I came into contact with as an adolescent, was in the lingerie catalogue.

Being able to gaze on a woman dressed like this, before I receive my just desserts at the end of a cane, is a prime fantasy and my wife often makes it a reality since she likes wearing them.

And another stimulating fantasy, which I often call on when I am alone in a hotel bedroom on business, is where this woman takes me over her knee when I am wearing identical lace knickers and gives me the hairbrush spanking of my life. This fantasy almost certainly has its roots in  the start of my spanking obsession. But that's another story.

I have a few large knickers of my own, from the UK's favourite knicker shop,which I occasionally slip on for day time wear under my suit and for which I have been punished if it was unauthorised by my Wife and Mistress.

For those of you who might enjoy another look at the slow reveal in the Secretary scene,      here it is.

(And then of course there is the no visible knicker Secretary spanking in Californication, )


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing. Both clips are excellent.

    I prefer to put on a black thong for a spanking.


  2. Hi
    You are awake early or late!

    Thongs give a nice feel and keep the bits away from the strap or crop I agree.
    Have a good one.

  3. Judging by what I read on blogs, a lot of male bottoms share our fondness for panties. Bacall and I have always had a few matching pairs.

  4. I loved the spanking scene's in the movie the "Secretary". They really turned me on. Oh! How I wished I was the boss. I would rank this 'spanking movie' in my top five.

  5. As for 'big knicker's'. I have always enjoyed a naughty woman, who I wished to spank, wearing 'old fashioned directoire knicker's.'. Pulling down these bloomer's slowly from her bottom to bare it. Has been one of my great delights in life. And then to cane this voluptous naked derriere. "Voila", as they say in French.

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