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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Taking charge of your man

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Hello Ronnie

I enjoy reading your articles about spanking and being spanked. You write about your experiences in a humorous way and you obviously enjoy yourself.

You were asking about Tops the other day so I thought I would tell you a little bit about the relationship I have with my man. He is a widower, it was a car accident.

I was divorced a few years ago and he and I got together after a chance meeting at a party.

Robert and I are firm friends and lovers and we do everything that a dating couple would do, except we decided to live apart and keep our own space. That way if the relationship breaks down then there won’t be a lot of legal hassle and we can just go our separate ways. In many ways this freedom strengthens our relationship.

We had been dating seriously for a few weeks when Robert was particularly rude to a waiter at a restaurant and I let him know that I did not think that was the way for a gentleman to behave. When we were back at my house, and he was probably thinking of when he would be getting into my knickers, I reminded him of what he had done and  I said that I thought he was a particularly spoilt person and that if he was going to carry on like that then maybe he was not the sort of man I would like to out with.

 I don’t know why it came into my head but I went on to say that if he had been a young boy he would have been taken across my knee and spanked to teach him some manners.

He looked at me with a sort of sad and ashamed face and said that he agreed. When I asked him what he agreed with, he said that he agreed that he should be spanked. I was a bit surprised, to say the least. I had never hit or spanked anyone and the idea that this tall 35 year old man would want to submit to a spanking from me was intriguing. I knew about spanking and bondage as a sex game but my previous husband had never expressed any desires to play along those lines.

What happened next completely changed the dynamics of my relationship with Robert, for the good of both of us I think.

I told him that if he felt that way then I would certainly punish him but it would not be a play thing and as I was still quite cross at his behaviour I told him that I would use something like a wooden spoon because my hand would not be tough enough.

He suggested that maybe the hairbrush in my bedroom would be the best thing to use. We went upstairs and I sat on the bed and told him to fetch the brush. Very meekly he stood in front of me and I said he should apologise for being rude and ask for his punishment.

Without any hesitation he did as he was told and then unfastened his trousers and let them fall to the ground. His excitement was evident. It was as if he was trying to get this spanking and I thought that this was not the way things should be. I told him to pull up his trousers again and that I would decide when they should come off, not him.

I was now even more cross with him. If he thought this was a game then it was one I would not play. I asked him to leave the bedroom and go home. If and when I decided to punish him, I told him, then it would be under my terms not his. He looked a bit embarrassed but I led him to the front door and said goodnight.

Over the next few days he rang me countless times but I did not take his calls. I spent my evenings browsing the internet trying to find out about men who liked to be punished, which Robert so obviously did.  It wasn’t difficult to discover that there was a whole world of spanking out there about which I knew nothing.

I eventually came across web sites which described in detail how women had taken control of their marriages and trained their men to be better partners. I had a suspicion that some of these sites were written by men but there were many that had the ring of truth about them and were pretty obviously written by a female.  The idea that I could tell Robert what to do and when, if he was willing to meet me halfway, was very thought provoking and stimulating.

When Robert rang again on the Friday I answered his call. He began to apologise and I stopped him dead. I told him that I would do the talking and he could either listen or hang up and we would not meet again. He fell silent and stayed on the line so I began to outline the new rules of our relationship. When I had finished I asked him what he thought and he agreed that this was what he had wanted all along.

 He went on to say that that whilst he felt that he had to be a tough kind of man in public and at work, he felt deep down that he wanted a female to dominate him. I said that I was into kink like the leather and the whips that I had come across on the web. I would punish him if it was required but I wasn’t about to hang him from the rafters and beat him.

I gave him three instructions if he wanted to show he was sorry about his behaviour and start our relationship afresh. He agreed to all three and I told I would meet him outside the restaurant where he had been so rude on the next Tuesday evening at 7.30.

Before I put down the phone I repeated that I wanted this relationship to work as I enjoyed being with Robert, but it was now up to him. Another thought suddenly occurred to me and I told him not to touch himself at all that weekend and that I would know if he had done.

After work that day I stopped at a department store and bought some clothes which I would not normally have considered wearing. In the Beauty section I found just what I was looking for – a brand new hairbrush, but this one was larger than the one I owned and was made of a hard plastic. I retired to the changing rooms to try on my clothes and whilst in my underwear I gave my bottom a couple of whacks with the brush. They were suitably painful.

When we met on the Tuesday I had put on the clothes that I had bought, which were a long skirt and white button-up shirt. I looked a bit like a teacher which was the effect I wanted. I wore a longish coat and scarf and hat to keep warm. 

Robert tried to kiss me on the street but I pulled back. I asked him for the written exercise that I had given him to do and told him that I would read it in the pub whilst he went to make his apology to the waiter.

He did not take long. I had only just settled in the chair in the pub, with a glass of wine, when he was back by my side. I told him to sit whilst I read his papers. He said he would get a drink. I told him he would not. He looked rebellious so I reminded that I was in charge and he should do as he was told.

I sipped my wine and read his paper. I had told him to write a 5000 word essay entitled Manners maketh the man. Robert had made quite a good job but I could tell that quite a bit had been lifted directly from the internet. I chose not to mention this and congratulated him on his effort. I then asked him to recount what had taken place just now with the waiter. With a red face of shame he described his abject apology to the surprised waiter.

I pulled out the hairbrush from my bag and place it on the table to get his attention and asked him about the third instruction. Had he done as I asked?

Taking a printed receipt from his wallet he showed it to me. Robert had purchased what he had been told so I said that I could see no reason for delay. He looked more worried now but agreed with me.

I finished my wine and,  in a loud voice which at least one or two people in the pub could hear, I told him to pick up the hair brush and follow me for his spanking.

We have not looked back and I only need to say the word "manners " now to stop him from doing anything silly in public.


  1. I dated an older woman, started out as being friends and slowly to more. One thing I found out after we took that next step, older women are "old school", I learned the hard way. I too messed up in a resturant, when we got back home, she scolded me like a little boy and stated that I would not be able to sit. I was scared and shock but she quickly bared my bottom and sure enough the spanking was no fun and her hand properly warmed my bottom. Since that first spanking I have rules and she will apply that hand not just at home but away. I was given a spanking at her best friends home, the friend enjoyed the view and I stood in the corner afterwards while the two talk and the friend mentioned I acted like a little boy being spanked, she was informed that was the norm.

    1. Hi anon - good to hear from you and that you like your spankings.

  2. I was spanked only once in my life for punishment. I was a very young boy. But as an old man I have taken to self-spanking at the command of a few on-line Mistresses who enjoy my humiliation in various ways... more embarrassing than bare bottom spanking. My open gallery of submission on LUSH site shows the many tools of discipline I am made to employ and their effect on my red bum.

    1. Hi Vic - tanks for commenting. I took a look at your site. I self spank only occasionally.

  3. Terrific story Michael. You are the master of the spanklet.


    1. Hi Joey - you are too kind . I enjoyed your party spanking blogs.

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    viеws. Gгeat blog, keеp it up!

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    1. Hi anon. I am pleased that you enjoy stopping by. Took a look at the blog. Shalom ?

  5. Michael,

    That was great. I really do enjoy your Sunday Spanklets. Please keep them coming.


    1. Hi Ronnie. It was all for you. I was going to send it to you but then you switched horses and went to Bottoms.

  6. This post was written (at least, ostensibly) by a woman - but it rings true for me, as I, too, discovered that my boyfriend (and now husband) not only needed but also wanted to be kept 'in line' with frequent spankings - and whippings, canings or strappings - which I deliver on his bare bottom as often as he need it!

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