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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Spanklet - Christmas with Mr Martin

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

( You may wish  to read Spanklet Parcel Post  to discover the characters in this Part 2 spanklet)


Sam was down from University again for the Christmas holidays. He went along with his parents to a neighbour’s Christmas Eve party, more for the free drink than for the company. He moved around the busy rooms of the large house, acknowledging the greetings of some his parent’s friends and acquaintances and taking an appreciative glance at some of the older teenage girls from the neighbourhood, who were growing up fast.

In the corner of the conservatory he saw his next-door neighbour, Mr Martin, engaged in conversation with a stunning looking woman in her late forties.

Mr Martin, or Peter as he had told Sam to address him, looked up to wave at Sam across the room indicating that he should join then.  As Sam started to walk over Peter lifted his beer bottle in the air and pointed to it, signalling that he would like Sam to get him another one. Peter’s friend copied the gesture indicating that her wine glass was empty and mouthed the word “white”. She gave Sam a broad smile when he acknowledged her request with a nod.

After a few minutes Sam was back from the kitchen carrying the two drinks and his own beer in a sort of triangle between his fingers. As he approached he bent down to place the bottles and the wine glass on the window shelf.

“Andrea this is Sam, Sam  this is Andrea.” Peter made the introduction and Sam shook hands with the woman. He noticed that her handshake was firm, not vigorous or manly, but it held a certain amount of power. She pushed down with her grip as if to assert her authority.

“Sam was a bit of a  naughty boy over the summer.”

Peter had turned to address this comment to Andrea and Sam looked around in a panic to see who might be in earshot.

“As a matter fact I had to cane him to teach him a lesson.”

Peter was speaking in a low voice and the otherguests close by seemed not to hear him. Sam felt the rush of blood to his face as he coloured up with shame. To give himself something to do he picked up the drinks and handed them over.

“Oh dear. That sounds very sore. Was it painful, dear Sam?"  Andrea’s question was almost soothing as she looked at the young man with sympathy in her eyes.

Sam whispered quietly that it was.

“But he deserved every stroke,”  Peter went on. “ Don’t look so worried Sam. Andrea is a close friend of mine and she knows all about my special interest. Now she knows about you as well. Better to be honest I always think.”

Sam wished that the ground would open up and swallow him.

Just at that moment his mother came up alongside them and thankfully the talk of punishments came to an end. There were more introductions and Peter explained that Andrea was a long time friend, who had come across from Bristol to spend Christmas.with him.

Sam’s mother raised her eyebrows in that way that women do when they hear of new relationships. This small piece of information would add to the gossip she could pass around  at the party.

Sam drifted away to talk to some other people leaving his mother in full flow of conversation. After maybe an hour Peter came to find him.

“We’re leaving now, Sam, but Andrea was wondering if you would like to pay us a visit this evening. Maybe around 7 o’clock.  She would like to get to know you a bit better. In fact, it was more of an instruction from her than an invitation, if you get my drift.”

Sam was intrigued and he felt himself stiffening in his trousers as Peter spoke that last sentence in rather a sharp tone.

“Yes, thank you I would like to do that.”

“Oh and one other thing Sam. Are you doing anything on New Years Eve?”

Sam thought for a moment. There was a vague plan to meet up with some of his old school friends for a drink but it was nothing special, so he said that he was free.

“We’re going to a party,” Peter explained. “Quite an interesting  sort of party and we would like you to come along. We thought you could drive us.  You can always have a drink at our place once we get back home, sometime after midnight. Does that sound alright with you?”

Again, what Peter was saying came across as an instruction from this older man and not something Sam felt he could decline.

He responded that it was very kind of them to invite him and he looked forward to it.

A few minutes later he watched Peter and Andrea say their goodbyes andleave the drinks do. Sam stayed for another half an hour. He had drunk quite a bit on an empty stomach so when he got back to his own house he ate some lunch and then went to sleep it off for the rest of the afternoon.

At around 6pm Sam showered and dressed in slacks and a casual shirt. He told his parents that he was going to meet friends.

Just minutes before 7 he rang the bell of Mr Martin’s house. After a short wait the door locks rattled and someone looked out through a narrow crack..

“Ah, it is you. Come in Sam. I just wanted to make sure we were not being visited by a tall dark stranger, since I am not exactly dressed for visitors

The front door swung fully open to reveal Andrea dressed in a short silk kimono of vivid shades of red. 

“Come in, come in boy.”

He closed the door behind him and followed Andrea into the dining room, the same room in which he had received his punishment from Peter only a few months ago.

The room was brightly lit with candles and wall-lights.

As Andrea turned to face Sam  she picked up a long cane from the table.

“I was just finishing off Peter’s session. You’re next. That is if you want to stay of course?”

Bent over the table was the naked Peter. The marks of the cane’s recent visitation on his bare bottom were clearly visible. Sam had never seen a naked mans bottom exposed in such an open position and he found it difficult not to stare. Peter had a sash tied around his mouth and clearly he could not speak. Sam felt the urge to say hello to him but realised this would be a stupid thing to say, under the circumstances.

He turned back to Andrea. “I would like to stay Ma’am.”

“Excellent. I thought you would. Peter tells me you took quite a thrashing so now you can see what our little games are all about. It will be painful mind you. Peter will testify to my skills with a cane and a crop. Take off all your clothes and go and stand in the naughty corner over there.”


  1. Very nice - as, indeed, your Spanklets always are. You have done us proud over the last few days, DB - I think you can take a bow for keeping up such a fine output over the holiday season.

    A Happy New Year to you and your lovely Lady!

    I hope we will see much more of your material in 2013!


  2. I love the story, and the way you present just enough to keep us interested and coming back for more.


  3. Wow - three nice comments. It is very rewarding to see these. Thanks guys and gals. A Happy New Year to all.

    HH - very good of you to offer such compliments. I will try and keep the blog worthy of your attention in 2013.

    Hermione - it is really a thrill when I get a female reader's comment and if I am you, an accomplished blogger, then that is a bonus. I hope to take this particular pair of spanklets into another one or maybe two.

    OBB - as always it is good to hear from you and I am pleased you enjoyed reading today's offering.


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