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Monday, 31 December 2012

Quiet Sunday

All in all, it was a quiet Sunday yesterday. The weather was brighter so I did some "yard  work"as our US friends call it. and tidied up in the garden

Over lunch my wife asked if we had won the lottery on Saturday night? I had to inform her that was a  negative. She laughingly told me I was useless. 

I suggested grumpily that she could always buy a ticket if she was so damned good at picking numbers. 

That bit of cheek earned me ten swats with the wooden spoon over my pants, trousers down and over the kitchen chair. They smarted.

In the afternoon we retired to bed for an hour or so. I gave her some pleasure and she responded with a very nice slow hand job and a fantasy story  about  how she came home and caught me reading a girlie magazine.

We slept for a while and then got dressed to visit her family for tea and cakes. 

To encourage cheerful behaviour she gave me a dozen spanks with the new bath-brush. That hurt a lot, coming so soon after my coming. There were no endorphins available to absorb the pain and turn it into pleasure. Funny how ejaculation does that.

New Years Eve tonight and I hope to party in those new blue knickers, if she allows.

I don't think our New Years party will be quite as relaxed as this one, but who knows.

Have a good start to 2013 whatever you do.


  1. Michael; Wearing panties to a party sounds like fun. I asked Cindy if I could last night but she demurred. Bath brush spankings can be strong, and unfortunately after a climax... OWWW just thinking about it.
    Happy New Year to your wife and you.
    bottoms up

    1. Hi Red. Good to hear from you. I hope you get the New Year you wish for.


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