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Monday, 24 December 2012

Last minute shopping

We managed to fit in some late shopping on Friday  as our work colleagues, mine in Europe and my wife’s more locally, all seemed to switch off and go home early. My wife and I met in town and had a coffee and cake  in a well known store.

 I think I mentioned before, that the designers of this particular store had thought things out for female impulse buying, because you have to go through the lingerie section to get to the café.

My wife commented that my eyes were swivelling out of their sockets when we made our way past the mannequins in the bra and pants. As we sipped our drinks she indicated that pain must come before pleasure and she wanted to look at the Homeware section first but then, if I was good, we could come back to lingerie.

I did exactly as I was told and was a model husband whilst we looked at such fascinating things as pillows, sheets and towels. We did not seem to buy that much but the bill at the cash desk was pretty steep. I made no comment. We left the purchases there to send them to car collection.

On our way out of the store my wife teased me by leading me all around the different departments on a circuitous route to the exit, which did not pass anywhere close to Lingerie. As we approached the final door and I thought all was lost she turned and asked why the glum face, as if she didn’t know? 

She laughed when I mouthed the word lingerie and told me to speak up. What was it I wanted? 

You know, I said.  

Ah yes, she said in a fairly loud voice, we need to go back to knickers.

I felt my face flush as she took me by the arm and turned me around.

 Let’s go get you some nice panties for Christmas shall we, she whispered in my ear

As good as her word, we ended buying a multi-pack of everyday plain cotton knickers for her and a pair of blue control knickers for me. 

She thought I would look much trimmer and wondered if I should wear them on New Years Eve when we are out a party.

You see, she said, as we left the store car park, it’s much more fun when you’re a good boy.  

I have to agree.


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    1. Thanks OBB - I need to do some gym work after the holidays.


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