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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stanton renditions

In those far off days, before the internet provided us with a deluge of images, I had to depend on only the odd image from a magazine to stimulate my thoughts on spanking.

Many of these were drawings and those of Eric Stanton were a particularly good “find” although they were rare in the 70’s.

As spanking materials became more widely available in the Soho area of London during the early 80’then complete books of Stanton images came on to the shelves.

Nowadays this imagery is available at the click of a mouse but I can still remember when you had to hold something titillating in your spare hand.

This pretty much tells you where I have got to now. (and enjoying it.)

Oh to be twenty odd, with the internet at my fingers. All those spankos out there that I will never get to meet.

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