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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Remaining tale of last Saturday night

Dinner over I knelt at her feet
Carefully I washed each toe and
Layered cream on the heel, before kissing
The soft underbelly of skin that curved in the arch.

At her command I rose and fetched the switch.
Then back on my knees and down on my palms.
I looked back and upwards into her eyes as the birch
Soared in a high arc and  drifted into my bottom.

The strokes were slow and the pain spread in a slow pool
Across the bare cheeks and down my thighs.
The pleasure rushed up through my waist and chest and shoulders
Into my head where it sat like a soft white cloud of mist.

For too short a time she flailed and swung, flailed and swung.
I dipped my head in obedience and she read my signal.
Her toes that I had so lovingly caressed were at my lips and
The birch took a new direction between my cheeks.


  1. You are a master writer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Second Joey's comment. Loved it.



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