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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Autumnal activities

Well summer is coming to end now. The leaves are yellowing and some are falling. I noticed the change this morning as I explored the nearby woods looking for three or four suitable branches with which to make  a switch or mini- birch.

As my wife left the house with one of her friends, to spend the day shopping, she had patted my bottom and told me to “cut a switch or two” as she was feeling frisky and wanted to have some fun this evening.

I was left to get on with the jobs and prepare a meal.

The branches are trimmed and are lying on the table in front of me as I write this. 

I have cut them neatly and tied them together tightly with cord. They sound menacingly swishy when I whip them through the air and onto a cushion.

She will not be long now. Then I can run a bath for her, maybe give her a pedicure and then leave her to watch a film whilst I get on with the meal. 

Hopefully she will give me some instructions as to what I should wear. Something tight would be nice.

Winter draws on, as they say,but it is good to know I will be warned up in certain places by the end of tonight. 

And I may get the chance to give my love some pleasure to boot. Giving cunnilingus with a well roasted bottom is a treat . Beats going to the movies any day.


  1. I hope you have fun when she returns.

  2. Sounds like you had a great, if taxing, evening ahead of you. Please do let us know how you got on.

  3. Hi Joey
    Yes, a good time was had by all. Sometimes it's the sessions that you don't plan that turn out to be the best ones.
    Hi RM. Thanks for visiting. I will do my best to finish the account.


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