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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Afore ye sleep

The other night in bed, after I had given her a foot rub and we were preparing to sleep, my wife suggested that  I could come if I wished. 

After applying some lube to my enthusiastic appendage, she began a story, where she was the  new bride who had discovered a stash of spanking magazines in my wardrobe after moving into our apartment. She had been puzzled at first but as she flicked through the pages she began to get excited.

The story developed as the bride tested her husband's reaction to various prompts such as "do that again and you will get a spanking". 

When the bride finally received her husband home one night, wearing not a lot, but holding a paddle, I could not hold back on my orgasm any longer.

My wife complained that she had barely gotten started on the story.

No matter I said, perhaps we could have the next chapter tomorrow.

We often speculate how our marriage might have gone if my wife had spanked me from the start. 

It was only after 20 years that I finally admitted I wanted to be submissive to her.

Hey ho.


  1. Coincidentally I have just confessed to my wife of 20 years that I am a spankee but the outcome has not been as happy as yours.

    1. That must have been a most upsetting experience for you, gary; I can only offer you my sympathies - it is always the 'big one', isn't it? To tell or not to tell ... sadly, the truth does not always set us free.

      I have lived with being a spanko - and much more - for a long time, for ever, in fact, and my wife of forty-three years has not heard it from my lips; if she knows anything of it, she has never said.

      Unsatisfactory - yes; unsatisfying, yes - but it is a secret that has kept us together rather than splitting us, something I could not begin to contemplate.

      Take care, be well - and love your lady with all you have to give.

  2. And aren't you glad you did:)


  3. Hello visitors. Sorry I am late in acknowledging your comments but pleased to have them so thanks.


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