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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Update on Saturday

We were breakfasted and away to the nearby town by 9.00 yesterday. There was not a whole bunch of stuff different to what is on the high street in our own town. We found a couple of antique shops and a gallery but did not buy anything. After a coffee we were back in the hotel by eleven o’clock. My wife joined a group of friends in the bar area for a “girls talk” session and I went off for a walk for some exercise.

I couldn’t find my wife afterwards. One of the male guests, whom I knew vaguely, told me they had all gone to one of the bedrooms to do each other’s nails and hair in readiness for the wedding. I sent her a text “what about lunch” and got a reply “sort yourself out”.

I was in the room and showered when my wife finally reappeared.

There was only about an hour to go before the wedding ceremony started but since the service was being held in the hotel there was no travel time.

“Get the cane out of the drawer and strip.” My wife instructed.

This took me by surprise.

“Go on and be quick. I want you on your best behaviour today so a maintenance session will remind you to be a good boy.”

I hurried to obey but once I was naked she pointed at the corner of the room behind a chair and told me to stand there until she was ready.

I stood staring at the pattern in the wallpaper for ages whilst she moved around the room and the bathroom. She left the bathroom door open and I could hear the clinkng of glass pots on the vanity unit as she applied her make-up and the hum of the hair dryer. There was a long pause then I felt the cane tap my shoulder.

I turned and  was stunned by what she was wearing. Under her bathrobe she had on lingerie and stockings and looked terrific.

“You like?” she asked.

“I love it.”

“Well, you have to earn the pleasure of seeing it later, by being good at the reception.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Bend over then. I think a good thrashing is called for.”

She caned me thoroughly. The whippy cane makes hardly any noise as it strikes, other than the whizz as it goes through the air before striking the skin. I suppose the caning lasted less than two minutes. It was applied clinically.

Afterwards we both got ready in silence and went off downstairs. I kissed her in the lift and she patted me bottom.

“No drinking remember. You have something to look forward to later on.”

I also had a sore bottom to sit on for quite a long time.


This is quick post from the lobby of the hotel again. Everything very quiet. Sun shining. It was a great wedding and an even better night. More later on if I get a chance.

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