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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday morning

Easy trip to the hotel and by the time we arrived the public area was buzzing with the other guests for the wedding. My wife spotted some old friends and went straight over to chat. I was left to book in and take the suitcases to the room. One of the friends looked impressed with my wife’s manner.

I unpacked and put everything away. I sent a text “all done. What now?”

The reply came pinging back “run bath and wait there” so that’s what I did. I showered first because my wife does not like to be in the bathroom at the same time as me.

Once we had changed we went downstairs and joined in the fun. Wedding gatherings are always good humoured. I was told not to drink as part of a new campaign for me to lose weight and I must have been the only sober one there when midnight came around and we all retired to our rooms. My wife had had more than a few glasses of wine so I was hopeful,  but as I watched her get undressed for bed she told me nothing was happening so I should go to sleep.

I am awake early and down in the lobby now typing this up. I expect a call from her sometime soon asking for a cup of tea. The weather is a little better than yesterday. We don’t have to be at the church until 3pm so I think we are going to explore the shopping in the nearby town.

Apart from a couple of keen golfers who are setting out onto the hotel course there is no one else around. They all probably had too much to drink.

Hopefully the day will go well. 

Nice to imagine what the bride might be doing in a few hours time..


  1. Have fun today.

  2. I like how your wife didn't let you drink, and yet drank herself;). She sounds like my kind of woman, lol!


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  4. Hi Joey - the day turned out well thanks.

    Kitty -I guess that is what being submissive is all about.


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