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Monday, 9 April 2012

Last Thursday

I arrived home from my business trip last Thursday ,in time for the Easter Break which in the UK consists of a Friday and a Monday holiday. For a change the mood in the house was good and my wife and I exchanged some friendly conversation. After our meal we discussed the family plans for the weekend. We would be on our own for the Friday and Saturday, then out to dinner with her sister and husband (both whom irritate the hell out of me). On the Sunday our children would arrive and we would be a family until the Monday night.

Once I had cleared the dishes I set out to do some ironing whilst my wife went for a bath and relaxation. An hour or so later I closed down the house and went upstairs. After a quick shower I started to get into bed.

“Not so fast,” my wife said. “Go and get the bath brush. We have to sort you out for tomorrow.”

Coming back with the long brush I was nervous. There is always that time of butterflies in the stomach when I feel like backing out of a spanking. My wife swung her legs out of the bed and held out her hand for the brush. She yanked down my pyjama bottoms and my erection leapt to attention. Taking my wrist she pulled me over her lap placing me so that my head and chest lay on  the mattress and my legs were trapped beneath one of hers.

“If this is what you need Michael, then this is what you will get. “ The brush smacked into one cheek and she set off spanking at a relentless pace. I don’t know what it is about the bath brush but it delivers the hardest spanks ever. There is no getting used to them – they are just painful and in this position my wife can smack everywhere with ease and not much effort. I reminded myself that severe punishment was what I had asked for in my Dear Mistress letter to her, so I had only myself to blame. After maybe thirty spanks I had gone through the pain barrier and entered sub space. I just lay there accepting each strong smack on my bottom. That feeling of warmth of submission was only temporary when she stopped spanking my cheeks and started on the backs of my legs. This was too painful and I began to wriggle, only to be told to stay still and that she was a long way from finishing. On and on went the smacking and I just lay there in agony. Eventually she moved the brush back onto my bottom and delivered a final crescendo of spanks.

“Now get up and go and sleep in the guest room. I expect you to be well behaved tomorrow. Right now I just want to read my book.."

I crept out of the room holding my pants. My erection was long gone.


  1. Were you well behaved the next day?


  2. Michael,


    Maybe this is inappropriate to say, but I bet you were aroused later on, in the guest room;).

    I think your Mistress did a stellar job of spanking you, from your account!


  3. I can really sympathize with you, because my Wife's favorite implement is the bath brush.

    I find it hard staying still until She's finished, and my bottom is thoroughly burned up.

    But it always ends nicely!!!

    Enjoyed the post.


  4. F.D. - Oh yes!
    Kitty - The cooling down of my bottom on the cold sheets was matched by the return of my erection, yes, but I left it alone. Honest.
    James - thanks for commenting. I am still drawn to images of women holding the brush, perhaps because it is a painful instruement.

  5. My wife is the one who does most of the traveling (for her business), and when she knows she will be away for several days, she always makes sure to deliver a sound spanking (or whipping) on my bare backside before leaving -as a warning for me to behave- AND another one when she returns (even before unpacking her bag), on the assumption that I must have done something to deserve it, and as a way to remind me that the HOH (her) is back in charge!


  6. Mmm...this is very sexy!

  7. Hi Anon - thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Your wife's preparations for her absence sound just the ticket.

    SS- hello and thanks for the encouraging comment. Have you read the Sunday Spanklets - interested to hear what you think.

    1. J. came back this Friday from a 4-day trip to London, where she had managed to find a tawse which she immediately tried on my bare butt -and which has now been added to her already extensive collection!...


    2. ... and I just used it again less than an hour ago --following which L. was assigned to the corner (bare-bottomed, of course!) for some additional penance...


  8. A hard spanking for certain... However, sorry to read the first opening part, for a change a good mood in the house,
    Hopefully, love making, and spanking when unhappy, solves the problem... however, it may not also.


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