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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday spanklet - An appointment

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

This time he had come too far. He was inside her house now and his heart was beating fast. On two occasions he had made an appointment and each time he had cancelled at the last minute. She had given him a hard time when he had called to book again but that had spurred him on. Now he had to say sorry in person.

He had his face turned into the wall whilst she read his note. This had been a condition of their meeting. She wanted to know why he felt he should be punished and for what. Describing his errors and omissions had taken longer than he had expected, when he had first sat down with a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

She had received him with a smile at the front door and the agreed token had been handed without embarrassment on either part. Courteously he presented his letter. He was ushered into a shower room and told to knock on the door further down the corridor when he was clean and prepared.

Once inside the room they looked each other over. The two of them could not have been dressed more differently. He was in a plain cotton T- shirt and thong underpants which he had to buy especially from a "boy" shop in Soho. She was wearing a crisp white shirt  and a black skirt which reached over the knees of her long legs.

The sitting room was large and airy and like most Edwardian spaces it had a high ceiling. The furniture was modern and her style of decoration worked well against the light wood finish of the laminated wood floor. There were rugs scattered about and their bright colours contrasted  with the white painted walls. An untrained eye would not have identified the alternative use of some items of furniture. For example the ottoman at one end of the room was a few inches higher than normal and had a solid rolled end, the Victorian wooden chair against the wall was sturdier than most, the curtain rail was fixed rigidly to the wall and had silk ropes hanging down from each side of the shuttered French door windows that led into the garden. The coffee table was plain oak with four solid legs and was kept  clear of magazines and books and the footstool by the side was covered a tan leather cushioned top and was slightly larger than is usual. Guests could be received here without any awareness that it was also used for spanking and discipline sessions.

On entering the room he had seen that the large paddle, riding crop and a long cane were laid on the top of the footstool, alongside a strap on dildo and lubricant. He had a flash of second thoughts but steeled himself for what was to come. She took charge immediately and told him to stand in one corner and wait with his hands on his head. The scolding began and she paced around the room, holding the letter in one hand and reading it aloud whilst occasionally swishing the cane through the air in an arc from high to low. Once or twice she stopped behind him and adjusted his posture with a tap from the end of the rattan stick.

After many minutes of lecturing and warnings she called him over to bring the chair and place it in the centre of the room. Slowly and carefully she told him how he was going to be punished. His erection burst through the top of the elastic waistband of the tiny pants and his brain went to mush with excitement.

As he bent over the back of the chair to receive the harsh strokes of the paddle, he marvelled at his wife’s ability to role play and savoured his heartfelt submission to her. Her work might take her away from home for long periods but that was because she was good at her executive job. 

He took a deep breath as the hard wood smacked into his bare cheeks and surrendered himself totally to their playtime.

                                     The end - for a while at any rate.


  1. Thank you for one last spanklet.

    Good luck,


  2. Very nice indeed, DB - thank you. I hope your travels won't take you away from us for too long and that you'll soon be turning out more of these marvellous little stories.



  3. I wanted the story to go on. You really know how to draw me in:)!

    I'll miss your spanklets so much. It was a part of my Sunday morning routine.


  4. Enjoyed the spanklet. Like hedgehog, I'm hoping you are not too long out of the blogsphere. Have enjoyed your blog and all the comments made on ours and others blogs in the past.

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