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Friday, 20 January 2012

Not quite gone.

Before I leave blogspace for a while I have one Spanklet for this coming Sunday.

I also have this account of a Christmas a few years back, written at a time when I thought I might start to blog but didn't. I came across it when I was sorting out my laptop last night so I offer it now for fun's sake. I think I might have sent it to a spanking blogger at the time. I hope it is of interest.

Over the Christmas season my wife and I  exchanged conventional presents in the company of the our extended family and later that day we gave each other our personal presents in the privacy of our bedroom. In past years these have been gifts of silk lingerie from me to her and her present to me has been to wear the gift whilst performing one sort of sexual favour or another. In early December of last year my wife indicated that she had enough lingerie in her drawer so I should think of giving her something different and she would do the same for me.

I pored over Amazon and came up with the idea of giving her a cheque for a sum of money inside a book. My choice of book was the Mistress Manual: A Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance by Mistress Lorelei. Amazon delivered it to my office and I wrote a cheque for £200 and wrapped up the package nicely. I admit to reading a number of chapters and was pleased with my choice. Whilst there was nothing startlingly new in the book it is well written and is directed more at Domestic Discipline readers than at the  professional Dominatrix.

Late on Christmas night, when everyone was asleep after a long day with too many drinks, my wife and I sat on our bed and she gave me her gift. It turned out to be the Body Shop bath brush  I held it gingerly in my hands recognising that this was an implement that could deliver a hefty wallop when used on a naked butt. I thanked her with a kiss and made some comment about how useful it would be in the shower. She replied that it might well be but that I could probably guess that wasn't going to be its only use.

My gift to her was handed over and I felt a little nervous as she opened it. The cheque was well received and, to my distinct relief, so was the book. I accepted her thank you kiss and she went off to get ready for bed. When she returned in a rather plain set of pyjamas I realised that sex was off the agenda. Instead she sat up in bed and reached for the book. I must have looked a little crestfallen because she smiled across at me and said that there was no Christmas special that night but that something might happen once we had the house to ourselves. She added that she expected her gift to me to be hanging on its own new hook in the bathroom by the end of the next day.

Three nights went by with no lovemaking until all the relatives had left and we were truly on our own. My wife told me that she was going for a bath and that maybe I should close up the house and wait for her on the bed. She added that it would be good idea to be in my shorts and that I might want to get a few toys ready. I needed no second invitation and did as she said. I took her a glass of wine in the bath and left her in peace. She was reading the Manual as she luxuriated in the hot bubble filled water.

I showered in the guest room suite and took out our toy bag leaving it in plain view in the bedroom. I lit a few candles and lay back on the bed. I had to wait quite awhile and my fingers kept finding their way into my pants to caress my erection. Unfortunately my hand was in just such a position when my wife came through the dressing room door dressed in a short silk kimono and wearing her high heels. She saw what I had been doing and scolded me that I should be ashamed of myself. She raised the bath brush in her hand and told me she would be sorting me out for all the things that I had done wrong over the Holiday period and for some of the grumpy behaviour that I had demonstrated. My stomach was a mix of excitement and trepidation as I realised that tonight might involve some painful moments.

I lay on the bed as my wife went to get the toy bag. She put the dreaded bath brush down on the dresser stool and slowly opened the drawstring on the velvet bag. I watched with a stiffening erection as she teasingly pulled out the stainless steel butt plug (which I have to wash and keep clean after use) followed by the small multi thronged whip. Turning to me she said that was all we would need that night and told me to get the jelly from the bedside drawer and lie back on the bed. As she stood over me she ran a finger nail across my belly and pulled the front of my pants down until the elastic waistband was hooked under my scrotum. She told me to put my hands behind my head and then trailed the leather thongs of the whip down over my chest and across my penis which started to take on a life of its own in sexual anticipation. I was in ecstasy as she tickled my penis, balls and inner thighs with the whip although I knew that this intense moment of pleasure would be a fleeting one.

With small almost casual movements my wife changed tempo with the whip and began to lash it across my penis and down to my inner thighs. She moved the whip up and down between these areas and I held my breath against the stinging pain. For me this form of slow, almost gentle, whipping is an indescribable mix of pain and pleasure. I could not help myself begging her not to stop as the pain of the lash of the thong was quickly followed by the stinging sensation of hot skin. My fingers were laced together above my head so that I could resist the urge to protect my genitals but my hips seemed to buck up and down to search for the next lash.

My wife spoke to me about how naughty I had been and how she was looking forward to spanking me. For about another 3 minutes she flicked away with the whip and smiled with a wicked satisfaction at my enjoyment and agony.

Her next instruction was for me to stand and remove my pants and bend over. I thought that she might whip me again but instead I felt cold fingers push my legs farther apart and I heard her squirt some jelly from the tube. Gently she pushed the tip of the plug into my anus and turned it slowly until the bulbous part of the plug slipped through and it was in place. I squirmed with the discomfort and wriggled as I tried to keep bent over. I was told to stand up and walk about and my wife giggled as she followed me giving me little swipes with the whip across my white cheeks. When she was satisfied that the butt was firmly in place and she had had her fun she turned in front of me and slowly removed her kimono. Asking me if I liked what I saw I said yes and she stepped away to give me a spin showing off her cute bare bottom. I gazed at what was on offer and promised my eternal devotion. She moved over to the bed and plumped up the pillows before sitting on the bed completely nude except for her shoes.

She gestured for me to climb onto the bed and indicated with her finger where she wanted me to focus my attention. As I lay down with body at a right angle to hers, so that my head was between her legs, she reached for the bath brush. My bottom was in easy reach of her right hand in this position and as I started work with my tongue she ran the back of the brush up and down my legs and over the curve of my cheeks. I concentrated on the job in hand and clenched my buttocks a few times in anticipation of the spanking that I knew was coming. My wife squirmed on the bed and got herself comfortable and then I sensed that the brush had been lifted off my rear. It came back with a sharp slap and I jumped with the shock of the pain. This bath brush was indeed a fearsome instrument and much worse than any hairbrush. The next five strokes came hard and fast and I was amazed at how hard the spanking felt. As I shifted around and got comfortable I began to lick her with a passion and she started the spanking again, this time on the crest of my other cheek. Another six strokes were delivered and my bottom felt incredibly hot. I was told to lie still and take another twelve strokes which she delivered hard and fast. Obviously I couldn’t concentrate on her pussy; I was much too busy stifling my groans as each swat was drummed onto my red cheeks. I quickly passed into that numbing stage where the endorphins had kicked in and each stroke felt pleasurable just before the pain kicked in. When the last smack was delivered I lay quietly with my head on her thigh and listened to her tell me that she hoped I would be better behaved in the future. I quickly agreed that I would and my wife told me to get on with what I was supposed to be doing. She added that I was going to get a smack every thirty seconds until I completed my mission so it was up to me to perform. I set to work with my tongue and I could almost sense her resisting a climax so that she could smack me some more. Normally I can get her to an orgasm within two or three minutes so I was surprised to get ten more smacks with that dreadful brush before she finally gripped her thighs together and groaned with pleasure. We both lay there panting with the exertion. I was gasping for a breath whilst sporting a very red hot bottom and she was breathing hard with a nice tingling pussy. As I rolled my tongue slowly inside her, drawing out a second orgasm, she whispered that I had at last been a good boy. I managed to give her the second orgasm and then a third until I finallyI pulled away to roll onto my back. The sheets felt cool on my rear end and I grasped my flaccid prick to rub some life into it.

I was told to leave my erection alone and to put the toys away. I collected up the whip and the brush and left her alone. Once in the bathroom I eased the plug from my sore bottom and wiped it down before putting everything else away. When I got back to the bedroom my wife was dozing, close to the edge of a deep sleep. As I crawled under the sheets she leaned over and kissed me and asked if I had had a good Christmas present. I kissed her back and agreed that it had been special. Her last words were for me to leave my prick alone and that she would attend to it in the morning. I am glad to report that she did just that!


  1. Lucky Devil you! I look forward to your spanklet story on Sunday - have a good time away - and be good - or else you know what you can expect!

    (You'll probably get it anyway ;) !)




  2. Thanks for sharing! Your wife is a lucky woman to have such an attentive husband, even if you get naughty at times, lol!


    P.S. I'm looking forward to your spanklet, too!

  3. See you when you get back. Take care.


  4. Brilliant post Michael. Thank you for one more before you take an intermission. I wish you well. If you will, please give us a quick update once in a while.



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