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Monday, 19 December 2011

Good weekend and more to come.

There was no spanking over the weekend, as there seemed to be too much to do preparing for Christmas and the impending arrival of house guests.

There was, however, a very enjoyable sexual encounter on Saturday evening, after my wife had a few too many glasses of wine. I was not allowed penetration or orgasm but everything else was up for grabs, so to speak. My wife was in an energetic frame of mind so there were many positions adopted and much movement on the bed.

My lips and tongue explored every space and opening on her wonderful body. My bottom was playfully slapped and my bits were spanked pretty hard.

After she had reached quite a number of shuddering orgasms we were both wide awake so I tidied up the bed, she took a shower and we went back downstairs to watch TV. I found a B/W film on the internet service and for once we enjoyed a film where there was no blood, shooting, expletives or bad stuff. Just Cary Grant kissing an attractive woman and dealing with some contrived situation.

As we got ready for bed my wife suggested that I could have a Christmas special on Monday, today, and that would be my last until after the festivities are over, because people will be in the house.  If I behave myself over the holidays, she also promised a full blown session on New Years Eve before we go out.  This has perked me up considerably and I am sitting here anticipating a very sore bottom in a few hours. Strange how much I want that but I guess spankos are a bit odd.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Totally understand the craving. Hope you enjoyed the night.

  2. Nothing odd about that at all, it's the vanillas that are odd, LMAO.

    Hope you both enjoyed yourselves.


  3. It is amazing at the things you get excited about;)!


    P.S. Hope your spanking will be all that you want!

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  5. Hi Kitty, James and Joey.
    It is a bit early here but I am setting off for work so I thought I should acknowledge your comments. Last night was a Christmas cracker and I will be on the pc in a day or so to write it up.


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