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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Christmas cracker

 As I sat there on Monday night, waiting for my wife to arrive home, I decided to inspect my bottom in a mirror to see what evidence there was still showing from the session last week. You may recall that I had a serious meeting with the paddle and the riding crop. I was surprised to see that my right cheek was still quite marked after nearly 6 days. I was also slightly embarrassed to think that I had been to the gym and swimming pool on at least three occasions since my whipping and I had not thought about covering myself up in the changing room shower. I can’t recall having my bottom on show but who knows.

Anyway back to the main purpose of this post. I had been promised a Christmas session to keep me on my toes over the holiday period and to ward off any grumpiness. An added incentive to my good behaviour is another session planned for New Years Eve.

I was keen that my wife would be a happy bunny so I got home early and prepared a meal. I did not know what form the evening would take. It was not a Maintenance spanking so I decided not to make the mistake of anticipating my wife’s requirements. Instead I sent her a text suggesting we meet for a drink at the pub on her way home.  A quick reply in the affirmative had me scurrying round to finish the arrangements for dinner and a quick shower. I walked to the pub and was there before her so I stood chatting to a few locals. When she arrived my wife pulled my ear and teasingly said that I should not be spending all my time at the pub. The other people at the bar laughed as she went on to say in a jokey voice that husbands should be at home not in pubs. It was all very amusing except I knew there was another more serious side to her comment.

We each took our drinks to a table and chatted about our respective day at work.  As I gave her the second glass of wine she leaned forward and in a low voice told me that she was looking forward to giving me a thrashing later on. I stiffened under the table and managed to say that I was at her service, as always. She told me that she fancied just using the cane and maybe all three of our canes, but that I could choose the position, as it was Christmas. As she said this she slid her hand under the table and grabbed the contents of my crotch in a tight grip. She raised her eyebrows in mock surprise at my erection and I looked around to see if anyone was watching or listening. With another hard squeeze she asked me what position I fancied. When I had told her she said that it sounded good, very good and since I had been such a good bad boy she would oblige me.

We finished our drinks and left. I drove home as I had had only the one drink.  I cooked the dinner and then began to clear up the dishes. My wife went through to watch some TV and I took her a drink and we watched a comedy programme together. I was beginning to wonder if she had decided not to follow through with the plan when she told me to switch everything off and close down the house whilst she went upstairs.

 She told me to be in the bedroom with the 3 canes in fifteen minutes and as she stood up she ran her hands up inside her skirt and rolled down her tights. Stepping out of them she handed them to me and told me that since I liked to wear knickers so much she wanted to see what I looked like in tights (pantyhose).

I was soon upstairs but it too me a while to get washed, stripped and I struggled with the tights. I did not wish to tear them. I felt a bit foolish and exposed as I walked into our bedroom. I had taken so long that my wife was already standing there completely naked. She took the canes from me and walked around me commenting how cute I looked in the tights and how they held up my bottom so tightly. 

She pointed at the cushions on the bed and told me to get across them . Once I was in position she climbed on the bed and sat so that her legs were each side of my head and shoulders. She laid the canes on the bed beside her and picked up her vibrator from the bedside table. My face was only inches from her vagina and I watched as she slid the pin dildo inside her lips and then told me to tae the square battery end in my mouth. As she switched on the rabbit she told me to make sure that I kept it in position. My teeth and lips were humming with the vibration as squirmed further up the bed so that I could hold the dildo firmly in place. As my wife picked up the first cane and stretched out her arm I could feel the cool bamboo laid across one cheek. She announced a tariff of at least thirty strokes with each cane unless she came first in which case she would stop.
The first few strokes, vertically down each cheek, were hard and thuddy but I was soon lifting my bottom up and down in my eagerness to meet the cane. My wife wiggled her hips around to get the most out of the vibrator and we were soon in a happy place, with me eagerly anticipating the pain of each stroke and she pushing down hard against the rabbit.

When the first thirty stokes were over she picked up the second cane and I murmured with pleasure as she gently stroked it over my back and my bottom. It was more difficult to hold the end of the dildo, as she pushed hard against it trying to push it deeper inside.

The new cane landed hard and speedily. This one was a little longer so the tip kept whipping into my legs as well as my cheeks. The tights offered no protection and if anything the stinging pain seemed harder through the nylon than on the bare. My wife was riding the dildo excitedly now as I groaned each time the cane landed. Getting through those thirty strokes was tough going but eventually she stopped using that cane.

I figured that she might be trying to hold off her orgasm as I felt her tease me with the third cane. This is the whippy one that leaves a lot of thin marks and ridges for quite a few days.  Perversely I enjoy taking a caning from this stick more than any other and, when I can get into sub space, I often wish she would go on for longer. I invited the strokes by lifting my bottom high each time my wife paused.

Little by little, thwack by thwack, we came to the end of the ninety strokes and there was no orgasm achieved. My wife pulled the vibrator out and told me to get up and fetch the bath brush. Passing it to her she told me to get down by the side of her and use my mouth. I can usually make her come quite quickly in this position.

 As I licked my lips and placed my mouth over her perfumed lips, I was perfectly placed for her languid swats of the brush on my bottom.

 After the caning these broad flat spanks were darned painful and in an effort to bring a halt to  the smacking I used my tongue with maximum skill. I was fortunate. My wife was more than ready and she came in less than a minute or so.  She gave up on the brush spanking and just lay back as I administered a flurry of cunnilingus licks to her mound which had her in orgasm maybe 5 or 6 times. When she was completely sated she rolled over on her side. Quietly I left her there to sleep and took myself off to the spare bedroom. I lay there in the quiet of the night, still enjoying the feel of the panty-hose and my very hot bottom but resisting the urge to touch myself. I was hoping that it would be my turn to come on the next time we are having sex.


  1. Are you not allowed to have an orgasm unless she allows it?


  2. Awesome post Michael. Wow. What a terrific night of fun.


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  5. Something very sexy about her pulling your ear and talking about your forthcoming caning in the pub! What on earth would they all think. Loved the tights aspect too.


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