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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


We are both travelling today so no Maintenance Session tonight.

My wife has suggested a review of the Punishment Book tomorrow or over the weekend.
This was prompted by me taking our account into overdraft again, resulting in a call from the bank to her, because they could not get through to me. Drat it.

She has not yet advised the tariff  for this error.

  I had a business meeting this morning with forceful lady client dressed like this.

            I couldn't help wondering what she might wear at home.


  1. I can see what you mean. My Wife wears power suits, too. Guess you'll get punished for this post!! :) Happy Tgiving!

  2. Hi SS - Interesting to hear that you appreciate power suits. I had better not own up to this post.
    Have a great Turkey Day with all the trimmings.

  3. I hope that you have an interesting "conversation" with your wife this weekend.


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