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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday spanklet- Satisfaction in the office

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Caroline stood in the executive elevator and looked over at the secretary who had come to fetch her from the lobby. 
Nice tight bottom she thought, he is still selecting them for their physical attributes as well as their brains. The doors slid open into an office suite which was quiet at 6 in the evening and she followed the skirt and heels to the Chairman’s office, even though she knew her own way there blindfold. One sharp knock and they were both inside.

“Miss Roberts, sir.”

The tall man behind the large desk did not look up.
“Thank you Nicole. I will call you when I need you. You are not going anywhere special hope.”

“No sir.”

The door closed behind the woman and Caroline walked slowly to the desk. Five mintes passed whilst he carried on working and she stood silently waiting.

“So have you made a profit yet?” he asked, as he sat back in his chair looking at her face, his blue eyes boring into her soul.

“Not yet, sir. But we are making good progress. We are still on track with the business plan.”

“So why are you here? I made my investment and now I want a return. I didn’t let you go from here just to so you could squander my money in your business idea.”

“I need it, Sir” Caroline spoke quietly, her eyes cast down at the desk top.

“Need what?”

He always made her ask, it was yet another way of asserting his control.

“The cane Sir, I need the cane.”

“Very well. You know where it is and what to do. Thirty six I think, this time ”

Caroline turned and he resumed his work at the computer. She slid open the wide drawer in the bureau and took out the long thin rattan cane.  Holding it  in two outstretched hands she carried the instrument to the sofa table and laid it down with care.

Turning to face him she waited until he was looking and then slowly removed her suit jacket. She spun around and began to raise her skirt. Inch by inch the hem climbed past her knees, then up the thighs, revealing the pretty design of her stocking tops. She paused teasingly and then bent forward slightly to emphasize her rounded cheeks as she lifted the skirt to her waist. Her bottom was delightfully framed at the sides by the suspender straps. In one fluid motion she lay over the back of the sofa. The black lace V of her g-string disappeared into the cleft between the white cheeks, which were now perfectly positioned for him.

As she lifted her head out of the cushions she saw him take up the cane, zipping it up and down through the air a few times The  bulge in his crotch stretched his trousers and she imagined that she could actually taste the salty head of his penis.

“Nicole looks very efficient. Good bottom too. You haven’t lost your touch at hiring the best.” Caroline added a touch of sarcasm to her voice.

“Don’t sass me young lady. You are in a lot of trouble as it is.”

Caroline smiled at the thought of the extras that might be awarded and braced herself for the first swing of the cane as it tap-tapped on her left cheek. She was certain that Nicole would be listening. 


  1. Short, sweet and delightfully 'ouch-y'!

    You have invented a whole new subset of spanking stories here, DB!

    Thank you, and my respects to your Lady.

  2. I like this story!


  3. Hedgehog - Thanks for the nice comment.
    Kitty - I appreciate you stopping by. Sorry for the T

  4. Lol, Michael...really, I'm not upset. I'm sure it was a slip of the fingers on the keyboard.



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