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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday spanklet - Accidental damage

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Alex was new to the world of work. A friend of his mum’s, a landscape gardener, had taken Alex on as a fourth pair of hands. Not exactly what he might have hoped for after 3 years of college.

That morning he had been dropped off at the small family hotel, along with the large ride on mower and grass strimmer off the trailer. His boss had told him that he would go to another job and be back in 4 hours, so Alex was under pressure as the grounds were quite extensive. He didn’t stop for a break but got a little careless when he was trying to light a cigarette. As he was mnoevering the  mower at the end of a run near the car park he clipped a BMW with the heavy front wheel frame. Unfortunately for him the lady owner was returning to the car and saw the whole thing.

She ran towards him and went ballistic at the large scrape on her beautiful car. Alex stopped the mower and stood there as she shouted at him. He gave her his name and the name of the business and she drove off saying she would call his boss about the repair costs.
When he explained all this to Tony later on he got another telling off and Tony said Alex would have to pay, as he wasn’t going to put a claim on his insurance and when the lady rang he would tell her that Alex would go round to sort things out.

The next afternoon after work Alex walked despondently up the drive to the large house. When the woman came to the door he explained that he had no money to pay for the repair. She had figured as much. Alex was invited into the hall and given another telling off about his carelessness and he was told that since he was such strong young man he would have to work weekend jobs for her, for nothing, until the repair was paid off. Alex nodded agreement. 

There was one more thing the woman went on, he would be punished for what he had done and punished severely. She pointed at the door to a study.....


  1. And the study door is closed, and the punishment is declared, the pulling down of the pants, bending over the knees, the humiliating lecture, the hand resting proprietorially on the bare bottom. I love spanking stories.

  2. I like a "spanklet" story :)

  3. Otto - well you guessed the ending correctly.
    SS-Glad you liked it. I will try and keep them going.

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    Let me know.

    Best regards



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