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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Alas and alack

I may need to add another event to the punishment book, after the suggestion by a female HOH that I should report to my wife the fact that I had been following a plaid mini-skirted woman around the supermarket.

I had a spare afternoon today and took the opportunity to go for a swim at our fitness club. After I was maybe 10 lengths into my routine, this stunner of a blonde female appeared pool side, wearing a dark blue bikini. The bottom half of the bikini resembled the nicest kind of gym knickers, slightly large but not too big.

A bit like those netball pants of many years ago.

When she got into the water I made a gradual sideways change of lanes until I ended up swimming behind her. Thank you Zutto, for inventing those clear view swim goggles.

As she and I both swam breaststroke (great word) I paced myself for another 10 lengths to avoid overtaking her, so that I could enjoy the view of those opening and closing thighs and that delicious blue clad bottom flexing with the movement.

Now that I am back home, I know that I should add this voyeurism to the Punishment Book, but to be honest I am worried that my wife might curtail my visits to the Health Club if I do. 


  1. I'm thinking that would not be the worst of your problems, lol


  2. Oh,man, I wouldn't ADD it!! lol! You can't help being a MAN!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!


    AND you MUST STAY physically fit!! lol!!!

  3. James- I think you may be right. There might be a bit of row if I add this.
    Senor- To 'fess up or not to 'fess up? - that is the question.

  4. Oh my...
    I've done the same, swimming years ago.
    Yes, you've been bad.
    Good, You! :)

  5. Hi SS- thanks for stopping by.


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