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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Spanking in the news- Charlie's Angels

A crew member on the set of ABC's "Charlie's Angels" reboot was quickly dismissed after he gave actress Minka Kelly an unwanted tap on her bottom.

It seems that ABC are planning a TV series of Charlie’s Angels and the the title took me straight back to the late 1970’s, when this series was a favourite of mine.

I couldn’t take my eyes of Kate Jackson. She was the one for me. 

Taking her over my knee and spanking her would have been heavenly and having her get annoyed and dealing with me would have been even better. Perhaps it was the jodhpurs.


  1. The reboot series has had a few episodes and is not as good as the original and may not even survive the entire season. The bearuty of the cast of the original series was unmatched by any TV show since it ended many decades ago.

  2. Well, it's Kate Jackson for me, too..always has been! :)


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