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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Skirts and boots

Another work trip to London yesterday and it was interesting to see that the return of our more usual October weather, wind and rain, has brought out the boots on the ladies.

Nothing quite like boots and skirts to get the imagination fired up. It made some of the duller parts of my meetings a lot less boring.

On occasions, when my wife has been in an entertaining mood, I have been made to kneel and kiss her boots and then ordered to lie face down on the floor whilst she places one boot foot on the back of my shoulders and slaps my bottom with the tab of a riding crop. I could lie there all day under her whip. Hey, ho.


  1. When my wife wears her stylish boots (usually with a substantially shorter skirt), I know that I am likely to get a taste of her rattan cane, or of some other instrument in her collection...


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