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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Skirts and tights in the autumn (or fall)

Every now and again in October we can get a warm sunny day and this brings out an especially nice style of female dress – a mix between summer and winter – with a short skirt, tights and boots. If the skirt happens to be plaid then the effect can be electrifying.

Today whilst doing the supermarket because my wife was on a day course I came across just such a woman.
In this instance the plaid was green and the tights were brown. I started to follow the woman, maybe in her late 30’s, up and down the aisles.
I could not decide whether lifting her skirt to spank her bottom or going over her knee for the hairbrush would be the more enjoyable.

Eventually, once she had reached the checkout, I had to let her go and resume my shopping.

The image of her waist, skirt, long legs and bottom is still with me late into the night.

I guess it will soon be Christmas.


  1. If you were my husband that would be the last time you ever followed a woman around in a store because of the way she is dressed. You can admire some one without following them around that is not respectful at all. You should go ask your wife for a good otk and a canning, maybe then you will show more respect.
    A fellow HOH female

  2. Anon
    You are right. I will add a note in the punishment book and then fess up when my wife goes to read the book.


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