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Friday, 28 October 2011

Her little red whip

Otto came up with some very exciting artwork on his blog capturing the use of what he called the genital flail …..see Fifty-lashes-of-genital-flail

When my wife thinks that I have been particularly well behaved or as a special sex night treat, she will instruct that I get out a spanking item she calls “the little red whip” and also a blindfold. Once I have showered and am naked she will blindfold me and leave me standing in the corner whilst she bathes and sometimes dresses, often in her special items of lingerie. She will come up behind me and talk into my ear about what is going to happen, whilst scraping her fingernails down my back and bottom.
In the dark I am naturally rock hard by now and shivering with excitement.

I am then led away from the corner and she guides me onto the blanket box bench at the end of the bed where she makes me first sit and then lie down on my back. For amusement, and to surprise me because I cannot see anything in the blindfold, she might sit on me or if she has put boots on she might place a foot on top of me and grind a heel or a toe into different my parts of my body.
Then comes the touch of the little red whip. She will spend a lot of time trailing the ends of the whip up and down my naked body making me squirm with pleasure and excitement. My penis is quivering like an arrow at this stage. The flicks start, gentle at first, but gathering pace, the ends of the leather thongs will start to smart against my skin. She whips across me my belly, then down over my penis, across my balls and then into the insides of my legs. She will start to move up again, with the strokes getting harder across my penis and back to my belly.  

After a period of ecstatic stinging I can sense when the strokes will get harder, because there will be a pause in her rhythm. She will hold the loose ends of the whip in the fingers of one hand and then flick her other wrist where she is gripping the handle, letting go of the strands just before they strike my balls. The pain is agony and I will make a half roll of my hips to remove the target from her sight, but then roll back because I want the whip to land again. I have no idea where the whip strands will hit again but I start to beg her to whip me, saying it out loud and using the words, harder Miss, whip me harder. 

She will tell me how naughty I am  wanting to be whipped there and then slice the leather thongs up into my crotch, where I have opened my legs wide to invite the pain in.

After a time she will stop and if I am lucky she might pull aside her knickers and fasten herself on top of me, riding my prick hard but telling me at the same time not to come.

When she thinks I am nearly there she will get off and wrap the leather thongs tightly round my scrotum, yanking the whip hard so that it squeezes every part of my genitals.

Then with a laugh she will take off my blindfold and I will see for the first time how she is dressed, she might be naked or clad in lingerie and stockings. I will stand up and follow her to the bed and then it is her time, with me doing to her whatever she wants, but with bruised and sore genitals which will ache for a day or so afterwards. 

That ache is one of the most satisfying sensations ever. It means that I have truly let myself be dominated by my wife.

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