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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sunday spanklet -- An interesting development

Sally and Anthony had tried most things in their sex life so it came as surprise when, in bed one night, Anthony had admitted to his wife of fifteen years that he would like to be fucked by a man. 

Sally was lying on her side, breathing heavily  from the exertions of lovemaking, which had taken place first with Anthony on top and then her on top then him on top again.

Before the climax of  their lovemaking she had pushed at his hips, forcing him out of her pussy  and then shifted to one side so that she could run her hand around his left butt cheek. Sally told Anthony to reach out to the bedside drawer and get a condom and some jelly. Kneeling up by his side, she had slipped the condom over her first and second finger and coated it with gel.She moved on the bed so that she was sat upright with her back resting on the headboard and invited Anthony to lie on his tummy over her thighs. 

She stroked his boyishly cute, bottom and casually played her fingers around his rim teasing him so that he kept arching his butt upwards, inviting penetration. She slapped his bottom a dozen or so times  with her left palm to create nice  pink marks and then slid the spanking hand under his torso and grabbed his balls, rummaging them around quite roughly, relaxing and tightening her grip.She remembered her surprise when she had first explored sex with Anthony how you could squeeze and yank at a a man's testicles and cock and they would not feel that much pain but if you kicked or slapped their balls they would howl with pain.

Don't you dare come, she whispered as she slid the covered tip of her longest finger of her right hand inside him. 

Slowly, teasingly, she rotated the finger tip and Michael moaned. A few minutes later both of her condom covered  fingers were deep inside him and she searched out his prostate to massage it. With her other hand she squeezed his balls tightly, digging her fingernails  into the soft skin under his scrotum to make him groan with pain and pleasure..

For ten minutes she finger fucked him into ecstasy and then extracted her digits and told him to get some tissue paper and remove the condom from her and dispose of it.

And not down the loo, she commanded as he set off for the bathroom.

When Anthony got back into the bed Sally was rubbing hand lotion over her fingers and palms and she reached out with her creamy hands to masturbate his erection whilst he was lying on his back. When her wrist started to ache she told him to carry on and she would bring herself off. They both lay there breathing heavily and wanking away. Sally came first and went on to enjoy two or three orgasms before Anthony finally shot his load.

He wiped himself dry with a tissue from the bedside table and turned on his side to watch his wife carry on masturbating. She had her eyes tightly closed and was rubbing her inner thighs and clit vigorously, with her knees pulled up in a bridge. 

On one more orgasm she stopped and lay back exhausted.

That was good, she said.

That was great, not just good.

They hugged and she patted his bottom a couple of times and that was when she asked the question about a man fucking him.

When Antony admitted that he had often thought about it Sally was excited as hell.
So could I do my thing as well? she asked.

If you mean the femdom thing then, yes, sure honey.

Cuddled up on the sofa lon the following evening they used the tablet to search for male escorts. They both liked the look of the Greek boy who had made himself up to look like a very attractive woman. His preferences were anal, blowjobs and spanking (give and receive). They sent Alesandro a message and waited for a response.


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