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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Saturday -no guests, no outings planned

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How I would like this Saturday to turn out.

Or perhaps like this?

The Art of Sardax


  1. Sunday, after church would be the day when this would happen. Once home from church told to get to the bedroom, best be ready said sternly. I undress, stand, hands at side and wait, time varies. It is always over her lap, always the hairbrush, and always facing the wall in the living room. No company, just the two of us.

  2. Hoping my Saturday night is like this.

  3. Hope you had a very good Saturday.


  4. A husband disciplined by his Mistress is a good husband

  5. I was masturbating while sitting on the toilet, when my girlfriend arrived, did not hear her and the look on her face I wanted to hide. We were to be married in a month. What are you doing young man she said sternly as I stopped stroking and looked at her, all I could say was sorry. Still erect she had me remove the underpants and took me to the bedroom. Disgusting, very disgusting she said, sorry I said. She reached in her purse and pulled out her cell phone and I was shocked she was calling her mother. She told her mother what I was doing and did not know what to do. She looked at me and said get to the front room, my mother coming over. What I said, can I get dress, no you can't. When her mother arrived I wanted to hide, she scolded me like a child, told her daughter that men can be naughty little boys and will be treated as such. Putting a chair in the middle of the room she sat down, pulled a hairbrush from her purse and told me to get across her lap, at my age I said, that will be extra young man and slowly I did as told. I was dancing around, rubbing, a total mess when she finished, my erection was gone and no amount of rubbing helped. Your turn dear, I looked, please no more, I've learned my lesson, please No. It did not help and I found out my future wife knew how to give a spanking. I was told to face the wall and I did while the two talked. Church was tomorrow and I could not sit on those hard pews and told her that. Sorry young man you will be in church. Sure enough I squirmed and was noticed, especially an good friend of her mothers. Leaving church she looked at me, heard what happened young man, then looking at my girlfriend, heard your very good. She drove home and I said nothing. We got married, the honeymoon started with a spanking to remind me what to expect. Jack

  6. I had asked her what sexual turn-on was what she kept secret, laying in bed, after a great evening, she smiled and said, wishing to be the one that is the head of the house. She then asked me and I said really nothing.
    I finally could not say what I wanted and so one Friday evening, I walked into the front room, naked, holding a hairbrush, and handing her a F/m magazine. She looked at it, then at me and asked for the hairbrush. Naughty little boys look at these magazines she said with a smile, have you been naughty, Yes I said. I see your exited looking at my erection, I said nothing. So she finally said a spanking is what you want. Yes I said. She said not to move and left the room, returning with a towel. Kneel on the floor she said, a sterness in her voice. Show me how you masturbate and if you need this dirty magazines to help you I will lay it on the floor for you to look at. I said nothing, feeling foolish, and when I finally cum, she had a wash towel and I cleaned myself off. Over my lap young man I was told and over her lap I went. Oh this is going to hurt and more so after playing with yourself. She started with the hand and asked how I liked it. I said nothing, it was when the hairbrush was used I said okay, enough. Thought you would say that she said and the spanking got harder. I was pleading for her to stop and she did not. When she did stop and I stood up, I gave her a look, before I knew it was back over her lap and felt the sting of the brush. When I stood up again, she said want more, No I said, please no more, rubbing my bottom. So I want to be incharge and you wish to be spanked, works for me. Please no more spankings, they hurt. Good she said, they will be more and you will do as told. So let start with you calling me Mommy when you need a spanking. Let me here you say it. Yes Mommy. Very good, now face the wall like a naughty little boy and I did as told.
    When I finally was allowed to get dress she laid out more rules and I would just say Yes Mommy.


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