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Monday, 16 July 2018

Then and now.

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As a schoolboy the sound would make his knees buckle,
but now dressed as a schoolboy he craved that whoosh, zip and crack,
when she pulled back her arm and swung the cane.
He held his breath and waited, trying not to cry.

Humiliating. Caned by a female teacher in front of the class.
As a schoolboy he had bent in the gym for the plimsoll
and on some occasions in the head's study for the cane.
Dressed as a schoolboy now , he went over her knees or the chairback or maybe the upright bench in her playroom to seek that exquisite fiery pain.

As a schoolboy the trousers went down but not the pants, although  there was that time when the gym teacher had wanted his shorts off.

Dressed as schoolboy now she knows exactly how to caress him over 
his pants and dig in her nails until he was screaming silently  with pleasure.

Can i spank you and play spanking

As a schoolboy he had not stiffened on a spanking until his early teens when a girlfriend
smacked his bottom because he had just smacked hers over her tights and under her skirt.

Dressed as a schoolboy now he was stiff from the beginning of the session 
although it often faded with age and the concentration on the pain. 

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As a schoolboy he had handwritten fantasy stories about spanking 
girls in bra and pants and then wanked furiously and cum on his flat stomach.
Dressed as a schoolboy now his fantasy was real but if he was to cum
she would not be pleased. You can do that at home she would say.

It can be costly now, to dress as schoolboy to receive his punishment 
but he has not yet found a playful wife and he can afford his delightful and severe Mistress.

Crack, the cane zipped again. 

Count boy. There are fifty to come and then you get the strap.

Yes ma'am.

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If only he could travel back to those schooldays and start all over again.


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