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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Day dreams and fantasies

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My wife does not want so much discussion about spanking as there  may have been in the past.

She is willing to cane me every now and again but there have been no maintenance spankings for long time.

That instruction has not stopped me day dreaming about spanking.

Up on to your toes.

Don't speak, just wait in position.
Bondage Furniture Collection : Photo

Naughty girl in nice pants

Take off your trousers. Fetch the cane from the cupboard and
then say "Good evening Ma'am" to your new house mistress

Image result for gillian jacobs lingerie

One, ouch. Two, ouch. Three ouch. Now it's your turn.

Room mates fall out 1 of 2.


  1. I admit as a male I dream of being spanked. I spend time sitting on the toilet looking at pictures of F/m and stroking my penis. Mark

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